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Housing Package: Some Sanity April 9, 2008

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Today I read an article from Newsweek entitled “Tax Breaks for Bubble Heads“. In it, the author, Daniel Gross outlines “Congress latest dumb idea to fix the housing crisis”. Although I think this thing has too much momentum to stop, I take some small consolation that there are voices of reason trying to be heard. If you share similar views, I encourage you to write about them…maybe the chorus will grow.

McCain on Housing Fix April 7, 2008

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Today I read an article in the NY Times entitled “McCain Rejects Broad US Aid on Mortgages“. In short, Senator McCain does not support many of the proposed fixes that are currently under consideration. As you will recall from my latest post “Housing Fix“, we are very much in agreement.

More fascinating, however, is Sentor McCain’s position on this particular issue has drawn a very stark contrast between himself and his Democratic rivals. Regardless of which side you may support, it is nice to see the clear distinction on the issue and allow us as voters to understand it and influence our voting choices. What is more difficult, however, is if you find yourself (like I think many Americans do), torn between various policies (ex: you are fiscally conservative, but socially more liberal) and no candidate is the perfect fit. Fortunately, for myself, I have no illusions about finding such a perfect candidate, but am looking forward to the general election where I will hopefully learn more to make my decision. In this particular instance, I am tallying up 1 point for Mr. McCain.

Stock Market: Are You Afraid of the Dark? March 10, 2008

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The last couple of week have been grim…and the outlook seems to be getting darker all the time. You may recall over the last couple of months I have made contributions above and beyond my normal rate in an attempt to buy on the way down.

Of course, not surprisingly, I had no idea how far it might really go. Nonetheless, I’m staying the course and will shortly invest another chunk to complete my Roth IRA contributions for 2007. Meanwhile, I’ll remind myself that there are no monsters under the bed and I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark.

On the lighter side…