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Stock Market: Are You Afraid of the Dark? March 10, 2008

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The last couple of week have been grim…and the outlook seems to be getting darker all the time. You may recall over the last couple of months I have made contributions above and beyond my normal rate in an attempt to buy on the way down.

Of course, not surprisingly, I had no idea how far it might really go. Nonetheless, I’m staying the course and will shortly invest another chunk to complete my Roth IRA contributions for 2007. Meanwhile, I’ll remind myself that there are no monsters under the bed and I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark.

On the lighter side…


Do I Need An Emergency Fund? (Part 1) March 29, 2007

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– I have been reading and participating in a number of posts regarding this topic and thought I would go ahead and use a bit more space to provide my own views / perspectives and offer an alternative to the conventional approach.

Why You Need “Emergency” Funds

Everyone knows that life includes the unexpected which includes anything from unplanned car repairs to job loss or major illness. Without reasonably available access to funds for such an emergency, you may find yourself in a very precarious position financially.

What Constitutes an “Emergency”?

Honestly, I don’t think you can provide a definitive definition for what is an “emergency”. Depending upon your current financial status and personality, it will vary. For example, an unexpected bill for $500 may create a financial “emergency” for one person while only being a slight annoyance for another. I think each person needs to define what creates a financial “emergency” for them. Once defined, you can then think about what actions are needed to protect yourself from these types of “emergencies”.


How Much Do I Need for Retirement? March 6, 2007

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To begin this quest (although at 34 I am hardly beginning), I need to outline my long term financial goal. I have read a number of articles on this topic and although there are variations, the approach and questions to be answered are generally the same:

– When will you retire?

-When will you end retirement (I thought this was a nice way of saying dead)?

– How much income do you need during retirement?