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Comcast and Dallas Cowboys November 29, 2007

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Many of you probably watched the Cowboys v Green Bay Packers game this evening.  I had seen some of the hubub about it being on the NFL network and so a lot of people being unable to watch it. 


I called up Comcast and asked them what I needed to do in order to watch it.  The customer service rep told me I could order the Sports package for $6.99 / month.  Of course, she also confirmed that I could cancel it at anytime although there would be a $1.99 activation fee. 


So, I watched the Cowboys in the comfort of my home for $1.99 plus however long it takes me to get off the couch and call to cancel (something like .22 cents a day).  Long live frugality!

By the way…Cowboys won….yeehaw!

Financial Mid-Life Crisis November 27, 2007

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From Wikipedia: 

Midlife crisis is a term used to described a period of dramatic self-doubt that is typically felt in the “middle years” of life, as people sense the passing of youth and the imminence of old age. Sometimes, transitions experienced in these years, such as aging in general, menopause, the death of parents, or children leaving home can trigger such a crisis. The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day to day life or situation, such as in career, marriage, or romantic relationships.


Individuals experiencing a mid-life crisis are said to have some of these feelings:

  • search of an undefined dream or goal
  • a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished
  • desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
  • need to spend more time alone or with certain peers


Christmas Lights Rambling – Update November 27, 2007

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This an update to my original Christmas Lights Rambling post… 

This evening we went to one of those stores that has everything you could want in Christmas wares right alongside jacuzzi tubs and pool tables.  We were looking for some lights…and were especially interested in some of those new LED lights. 

Well, those LED lights are quite expensive (ex: $9 for 60 feet vs $2 for 100 feet of the regular kind).  I’m still thinking about buying them though….they’re so purdy (twang).  However, I digress…