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About one year ago this month, I had happened across my first ever personal finance blogs.  Needless to say, I was hooked.  Shortly thereafter, I decided that I would like to become a contributor to the discussion and created this blog (my very first blog of any kind).

Generally, my intent for this blog has been two-fold:

1) Create a forcing function to hold myself accountable and actually DO the things that are needed to achieve my financial goals

2) Create a means to share ideas and adopt the best ones from others (I certainly don’t have all the answers and make mistakes!)

Often times, it is a glimpse into my financial life at 35, married with children (4) to a woman who thankfully shares MOST of the same values when it comes to personal finance.  This is good, because if we were completely aligned, I would probably save everything for the future and not allow myself to fully appreciate and enjoy the present.

As of now, I have been either too short of ideas or too lazy (more likely) to have become rich.  Until that happens, I am going the long way around by attempting to build wealth gradually, over time…bumps and all.


1. Victory Akkert - November 7, 2008

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2. ItchyFish - November 4, 2009


What type of field do you work in? Are you self employed or do you work for a company?

Just wondering if most of your income comes from a salary or other sources.

Also, does the calculation include your wife’s income if any?


3. marcus bynum - January 5, 2011

getting the rules upgraded for more investments will be good to do.

4. marcus bynum - January 5, 2011

patent trademark is a resource to a degree. Degrees meaning different gov. We should get together and make decisions meaning not law- policy makers just humans.

5. marcus anthony bynum - February 5, 2012

the institute of trading portfolio management . good institute for the exchange of commodities business. should look focus on creating jobs. obama put in the bipartisanship asking small business for ideas. my idea is to have small business stock upgraded first before we work on bipartisanship.

6. marcus anthony bynum - February 18, 2012

factors affecting unemployment rates since the great depression of the 1930s. ohio 6.0% had unemployment rates one and a half percentage points or more below the national average.

7. marcus anthony bynum - February 18, 2012

then the prophet shemaiah came to rehoboam and to the leaders of judah who had assembled in jerusalem for fear of shishak.

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