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1. Elizabeth - January 25, 2009

What do you think about investing in dinar? I am brand new to investing in foreign currency and am just trying to learn.

2. marcus bynum - January 5, 2011

the investments in dinar are good. you should be into sub-prime investments.

3. O - May 13, 2011

Really good posts. Why has this blog come to an abrupt end? :-\

4. marcus anthony bynum - January 21, 2012

the president ask for small business to come up with ideas for bipartisanship . what we need to do is get back to work . also firgure out the releif outcome.

5. Jim Osekowsky - August 13, 2015

Curious about your stake in TRAMX, any insights you’d like to share? I moved most of my TRAMX to a TRPrice Tech fund. I bought it at the start and ten years on it’s hard to see negative movement. If I wasn’t 68 yrs. old I’d probably stay with it, or, maybe not. Oh yes, one more thing, is it time to buy loonies?

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