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Christmas Lights Rambling – Update November 27, 2007

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This an update to my original Christmas Lights Rambling post… 

This evening we went to one of those stores that has everything you could want in Christmas wares right alongside jacuzzi tubs and pool tables.  We were looking for some lights…and were especially interested in some of those new LED lights. 

Well, those LED lights are quite expensive (ex: $9 for 60 feet vs $2 for 100 feet of the regular kind).  I’m still thinking about buying them though….they’re so purdy (twang).  However, I digress…


Christmas Lights Rambling November 19, 2007

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Yesterday, I began the not so jolly process of hanging Christmas lights on the house.  When I was growing up, we never really went big on Christmas lights.  In fact, I can’t even recall that we did them at all save for a bush or two.   I would have expected to continue this trend in my own adulthood if it were not for the fact my wife is the daughter of a Griswald who creates displays that are used by pilots to guide them in to the airport. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the finished product (particularly for my children), but I have to be pushed and prodded to get there.   You should see me trying to negotiate with my wife so I can get away with less than we did the prior year. 

 Me: “I’m going to hang the big bulbs on the house, but doing away with the icicle lights”

Wife: “The icicle lights are the best part!  I’d rather have the icicle lights than the big bulbs”

 Me: “The icicle lights can’t hang by themselves, they need some clips or something, like I have to use for the big bulbs.  If I have to do all that for the icicle lights, then I don’t really save anything”

Wife: “I don’t want only the big bulbs on the house (both disappointment and warning in her voice)”

Looks like I’ll be doing both…bah! 


Pursuit of Happyness November 10, 2007

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Last night, my wife and I watched the movie of the same title of this post led by actor Will Smith and his son Jaden.  I think the movie has been out for awhile, but it’s just now showing up on cable tv (don’t go to the movies as often with all the kiddies), so a great time to watch.

I had already read some articles about the film and so was pretty familiar with the plot line and how the story would end.  Nonetheless, I was moved (as I’m sure were most who watched this movie). 

 However, my focus tended to be mostly on the struggles he endured and the agony of what he must have been going through as he tried to provide his son with food and shelter, etc.  For me, this speaks to some of my deepest fears in life…the inability to properly provide for my family. Granted, both my wife and I are college-educated, have a strong network of family and friends, and sufficient funds to weather a financial storm.  Yet, it’s still there…lingering.