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Newsweek: Spending Spree Over April 21, 2008

Posted by pf in Expenses and Savings.
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I came across the following article from Newsweek

Essentially, the writer outlines how the spread of credit created a boom in spending that had both positive (increased accessibility to funds for housing, etc) and negative (overspending) effects.  Due to the current crisis and the generally indebtedness of our population, the author wonders if the era of free spending which generated significant growth not only in our own economy but for others around the world is over and what it may mean.

In my view – GOOD.  I have waxed on about similar topics in the past where I have expressed concern about our country ranging from the dire state of personal finances (too much debt, too little savings) to broader topics such as the crisis we are facing with Social Security and Healthcare.

I remain deeply distressed and concerned about the path we are on and the recent bailout proposals for both businesses and consumers who have made foolish mistakes and may be saved via a taxpayer rescue only strengthen this view.  WAKE UP.



1. Success is - November 4, 2010

My sentiments exactly. I know that this is an old post, but it still has relevance. What concerns me in the present though, is the number of people cannot repay their debts, and for that matter, how many people refuse to pay debts although they have the means… What would be the intermediate and final outcome of the fiscally irresponsible deciding not to repay debt?

2. the pilatesbiz - February 8, 2012

the best running shoes are always made of very resilient synthetic rubber,;.

3. marcus anthony bynum - April 8, 2012

and i will give you into the hand of those who seek your life, and into the hand of those whose face you fear- the hand of nebauchadnezzar king of babylon and the hand of the chaldeans…… now back to the frequency response 20hz c 300 condenser microphone h 100 dynamic range 140 db sn- ratio( a weighted) polar pattern………………..

marcus anthony bynum - April 8, 2012

so i will cast you out , and your mother who bore you, into another country where you were not born and there you shall die …….. but to the land to which they desire to return, there they shall not return…….. back to the products akg,s ivm 4500 iem in ear monitoring hardware raises the bar for audio quality tour sound akg high – resolution image ……..

marcus anthony bynum - April 29, 2012

if my final paycheck is insufficient to pay off the entire balance of such advance..

4. marcus anthony bynum - February 13, 2014

vote boycott means forfeit by bangladesh opposition.. by syed zain al- mahmood.. dhaka, bangladesh- ruling on political party and its backers have secured more than half of the seats in the countrys parliament- even though polls arent until janurary ……by the wall street journal…

5. marcus anthony bynum - February 13, 2014

al qaeda offers alliance to secular syeian rebels.. by maria abi-habib … beirut- the leader of al qaeda syria branch said in his first televised interview that he does not want to monopolize power and floated the idea of an alliancewith secular rebels………by the wall street journal…

6. marcus anthony bynum - March 14, 2015

revenue – browse financial obligation revenue permit account 102283700, and 102429896 business owner marcus Anthony Bynum revenue period from 2 quarter of 2014 gross sales 250.00 , purchase price 5.00 , tax measure 280.00 … the document name :untitled… from permit account 102429896… amount paid 25.00 for the 2 quarter of 2014… 3 rd quarter of 2014 gross sales 65.00 amount paid 34.00 $usd… revenue browse financial obligation …permit account 102283700 marcus Anthony Bynum 4th quarter 2013 gross sales 141.00 , and purchase price 54.00 tax measure… 195.00 and the amount paid 18.86$ usd 3rd quarter of 2013 revenue gross sales 65.00 tax measure 65.00 amount paid 6.63…. lets look at the permit account 102283700 , marcus Anthony Bynum business owner 3rd quarter of 2014 revenue gross sales 500.00 rptd total tax 45.00 … also 2 quarter of 2014 250.00 , tax measure 280.00 rptd total tax 26.00 $usd… might have another subject to discuss permit revenue…..

7. marcus anthony bynum - April 21, 2015

a bungling fox in the henhouse : the corporatization of higher education… posted by : timothy mcgettigan corporations will make your life better . corporations will solve your problems , repeat those phrases often enough , and eventually you might believe them. apparently, this is what happened to a surplus of gullible people over the past twenty years, lots of otherwise well – meaning folks became hypnotized by free market mania: the idea that deregulated corporate greed would somehow produce beneficial social outcomes…..

8. marcus anthony bynum - September 12, 2015

permits allow regional desal plant,, by Mitchell white.. permits eased for rooftop solar by Catherine shen… hi desert publishing legals public auction time opf sale in lawful money…

9. marcus anthony bynum - October 16, 2015

posted transactions 10/15/15 purchase authorized los angeles ca. $1.83 deposits in branch store not culver city, deposit in branch store $7.00 vine st Hollywood ca., deposit in branch store 10/02/15 $7.97 , deposit in branch store $40.00 10/01/15… deposit in branch store 9/26 $15.00 vine st Hollywood deposit in branch store vine st Hollywood ca $15.00. deposit in branch store $20.00 there are more deposits from wells fargo ….

10. marcus anthony bynum - October 26, 2015

Bynum oil lease 42-133-31072 issue date 1985-05-10… Bynum oil lease # 013842… There is another oil lease 42-133-31071 issue date 1985-05-10…. I guess that my father family rents oil and gets a lease , but I want to know where do you rent to own ……

11. marcus anthony bynum - October 30, 2015

I went to a couple of pay day loans and came across some loan to pay a loan in some sort of liquidation… now there are multiple loans to pay and in the end after every month the question is how much is left to stay up and financed? the answer is ml 21562101c, jl08565938 a, If 40622612 d, jf 69402916 c, je 14967793 d, jb 86080494 e, mg 32414563 a, ml 18490693 c, mf 10335556 a, jj 44564101 a, mf 53190332 b, jj 42762279 a, mb 54252805 b, mf 79151675 a, jg 27967512 b, mb 19847582 a, mb 20301305 a, jl 16697484 b, jg 48234288 b, mc 62561332 a, jl 91588277 b…..

12. marcus anthony bynum - November 6, 2015

I looked at two different coffee companies and I see that the coffee is very different from each other for example brewing coffee at groundwork coffee comes with instructions. Brewing coffee with de lish comes with sponsored results like having 1.wealth building course, 2. high yield investment, 3. finance investments, 4. mutual funds, 5. finance investments etc… de lish coffee have more financial results while groundwork have the brewing instructions to start with fresh roasted whole bean coffee..

13. marcus anthony bynum - May 23, 2016

I went to Ardmore Oklahoma and saw some articles that might give you a thought…It comes from dear abby .. What she’s doing is rude . The cause may be nervousness .. Thoughtlessness , or that She’s a compulsive talker. If she cares about you , she will want to know if she’s doing something that makes you a back away….I also went to another state which is California and looked at a few aticles, for example the rich approach from Jack Welch’s sagacity proved electric for GE.. Authenticity -brains , passion and people who have the generosity gene, he said.. I want people who have a passion for promoting people , who love to give raises..

14. marcus anthony bynum - May 23, 2016

I also saw other good articles from a printout and seeing an engineer making $80,000 cashing in bonus options for 400,000 . It was a turn -on . We already had our pile and we felt if people went the extra mile they should get theirs…

15. marcus anthony bynum - May 23, 2016

There’s are good sources that a person can get while traveling .. Own every effort . Your name means your best . Doesn’t matter what it’s on .

16. marcus anthony bynum - May 23, 2016

Diesels efficient engine supercharged industry with his own ammonia engine, the fuel was too unstable in test conditions , so he gave up on the idea..Over the years , Diesel rethought , revised and reworked his plans and working models. And he continued refrigeration work ….through numerous failures to practicle success . For that reason every inventor must be an optimist…

17. marcus anthony bynum - May 23, 2016

91833450, 056888691, 43903218, 24923232, b3 5151104, aa730173, xn5066302, 168747… Just foreign currency numbers that might have some sense of thinking about the whole thing of my personal finance odyssey, and marcus anthony Bynum foreign currency.

18. marcus anthony bynum - May 23, 2016

The University of Oklahoma taught courses in film history media ethics , law, humanities English composition at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.. East central University ,and University of Oklahoma on television for the heart of Alaska will be recovering A Journal by May Sarton… Chickasaw region… Ardmore is one of the most oil rich regions in the united states….

19. marcus anthony bynum - May 24, 2016

There is a another article I looked at it was the retirement plan in good shape for early kick -off? by paul katzeff talk about boom and bust : pittsburgh – registered investment advisor Chris Mcmahon tells of two friends with sweet jobs as managers of water pipeleine construction for energy drilling projects in the Marcellus Shale. Then the sword of Damocles fell upon his friends , one 35 years old and the other 46…They laid off 50 people….To the month of April in 2016…

20. marcus anthony bynum - May 24, 2016

Musilim link newspaper have project management professional training programs with Companies, organizations, around the world it is established by the project management institute…register online at http://www.adamscenter.org...

21. marcus anthony bynum - May 24, 2016

By muslim link paper This is a big multiplier . Allah says in surah Al – baqarah: 261 that your reward for charity could be multiplied by 700 fold.

22. marcus anthony bynum - May 24, 2016

The muslim group multiplied charity by 700, and now in Israel there are rough neighborhoods helping security firms … Mosheaviv tower in Ramatgan, israel..Checkpoint is based in tel aviv and fellow security firm cyberark in nearby Petah tikva…

23. marcus anthony bynum - May 27, 2016

2 br, 1 bath , furnished, 1 square foot… I looked at the weekendpass Elaborate dollhouse of bygone centuries were prized real estate.. Custom built in dorset , England , in 1760 , this dollhouse (baby house is a synonym) stayed in the same family for five generations, passed down from mother to eldest daughter for 170 years… It accured layers of history , like normal homes do , sage says .. The dinning room is original , the upstairs is from the 1830;s and the doll house is filled with tables and chairs made by a professional furniture maker and silverware cast by silversmiths…

24. marcus anthony bynum - May 27, 2016

Somewhere else there is a mutual interest when visiting the sea turtles at a zoo in london Together they form a plan to smuggle she turtles and release them into the sea…

25. marcus anthony bynum - May 27, 2016

There was a meltdown on wall st bankers… the former Housing and urban development department Secretary Andrew Cuomo , who forced both Fannie and Freddie Mac to meet dangerously high subprime mortgage quotas?

26. marcus anthony bynum - May 27, 2016

Letters your opinion is important and welcomed and must be signed . It must contain your address and phone number to be reached during the day The phone and address will not be published…

27. marcus anthony bynum - May 27, 2016

Now back to the wall st bankers bailouts only but a few wall st bankers get there deserts..were uninformed … that locking them up done nothing to solve the financial crisis …..

28. marcus anthony bynum - May 27, 2016

Going back to the rich approach printouts and seeing an engineer making $80,000 cashing in bonus options for $400,000 It was a turn on …We already had our pile and we felt if people went the extra mile they should get theirs…

29. marcus anthony bynum - May 27, 2016

African Muslims are usually sterotyped , and African Islam and scholars are not well known, he said… by Hena Zuberi.. You schould try the national council of nigeria Muslim organization was inaugurated in washington d.c in 1976….So now i figure that since the nigerian council was inaugurated in d.c in 1976 by now they should be able to help people get back to the financial industry and help out …..Now don;t forget big time celebrity’s spent there fair cash already such as Jackson 5

30. marcus anthony bynum - September 19, 2016

I looked at the big bang in the mid 1970,s David Mayhew was tramping the streets of london and looked at the market crashed .. The Bank of england is being supported by a bluechip company they say that the crash is from the prime minister Margaret Thatcher..about the U.K financial business…..look at the financial times…. paper

31. marcus anthony bynum - September 19, 2016

I looked at the investor business daily paper and looked at the 2-yr Treasury note Federal reserve and labor department a key financial and commodities futures trade … this publication have years of articles on future, business in New York trading foreign money …

32. marcus anthony bynum - October 14, 2016

Security software spending after Target, Home Depot spiked: new gains.The number of reported breaches actually fell March through July compared with the previous five months, yet breaches are up 16% in 2016 through july vs. the year -earlier period. Since then , the group has risen more than 40% and has climbed to No.34 out of 197 groups tracked from No.191 just 13 weeks ago .The group , though , is down 6% this year….Now there are different connections for the security… To suggest that this weekend’s heads of government summit of the group of 20 leading nations will not come up to expectations, if anything , giving it too much credit . Despite a great deal of rhetoric over the years , the G20 has proved too unwiedly ,and ats its agenda overloaded with too many items…Still the meeting brings focus on global economy, where China ,the summit host , has been performing better tan feared but not well enough to pull along the rest of the world…As among the rich economies , will rely -on those countries with fiscal and current account space using it to provide stimulus….Financials are acting well in anticipation of future rate hikes by the fomc….Wall street will be watching earnings from Alcoa , and railroad operator CSX in the coming week while also keeping an eye on some reports in the financial sector..A flurry of reports will be out later in the week from First Republic , PNC Financial bank, Citigroup and JP Morgan…After four quarters of earnings and sales declines , Quarterly profits is seen rising 71% to 12 cents a share , with shares sales went to 9% to $7.91 billion…Oil takes , can’t hold 50$. U.S crude on thursday closed over $50 per barrel for the first time since early June. Oil futures fell on Friday to $49.81 , still up 3.3% for the week.. OPEC agreed on a modest production cut to start in November…May taught a hard lesson by the financial markets … In the confines of the Conservative party conference , Theresa May’s call to change the direction of our nation was greeted with rapturous applause. In the outside world , the vision of post Brexit Britain that the prime minister went on to describe may have been a pleased target audience… This was not primarily about the substance of her proposals…Mrs. May has long made it clear she is going to make companies publish a tally of foreign employees in order to flush out any failing to recruit locally ….The last couple of weeks havn;t been the ideal environment for a swing – trading style. When the market is uncooperative and going sideways which brings up the engagement with the market Nothing keeps you engage as when you have actual dollars on the line….

33. marcus anthony bynum - October 19, 2016

Georgetown :anc says building may be too large .. by brady holt current staff reporter .The possibility of a large boathouse just upriver of the georgetown waterfront park has generated some concerns in the community about the impact on views though general support continues for boating facilities…You can also get the source from the foggy bottom current…Now lets get back to the finances How modern – day London was shaped by the great fire 350 years ago and the rebuilding that came after : by Edwin heathcote In a move typical of the era,s spirit of scientific inquiry , Robert Hooke, who was Sir christopher Wrens co-designer and a scientist , crafted the column as a telescope aimed at the sky with lenses at the top and the bottom . Each of its 311 steps was exactly 6in tall , allowing measurements of changes in atmospheric presure to be taken throughout its height….

34. marcus anthony bynum - October 19, 2016

The sensational reality of life as a kardashian by. Philip delves Broughton.. As heists go , the one in paris last week was stright forward enough . A gang dressed up as policemen barge into a poorly guarded luxury aprtment in the dead of the night .. They hold a gun to the head of an sensational woman alone in her bedroom ..This a woman who earned 51 millionlast year according to forbes magazine.. Chief executive of JP Morgan chase receives most of compensation from his company’s performance, Kim kardashian west presumably get paid cash….

35. marcus anthony bynum - October 21, 2016

There are still some energy to save , and money too..Let GE show you what light can do.. From light that lets you see every detail to light that helps you connect with family and friends , from vibrant to gentle – GE’s new home lighting solutions make it easy to find the right for your home…The GE product is with part 18 fcc rules …But may cause interference to radios , television , wireless telephones, and remote controls…Now what caught me was look at the Lighting facts per bulb the brightness 1600 lumens the estimated yearly energy cost $2.77 based on 3 hrs/day 11cents wh cost depends on rates and use… Life based on 3hrs / day 9.1 years …Light Appearance warm 2700k Energy used 23 watts…..Not intended for Enclosed fixtures…..Subtle reassuring light, Comfortable inviting light, fresh energizing light, strong vibrant light …. There opinion is that 280 to 520 lumens is cozy relaxing light …for 40 watts 1.4 year life even for type Candelabra bulbs #1090836….

36. marcus anthony bynum - May 22, 2017

Life is beautiful and heart radio squares off… Consistantly packed EDM stage and a stellar undercard Highlighted by crystal castles…I also see 7- eleven needs another video poker Its fairly big the poker room holds up to 6,000 with a huge stage with a personal feel from a venue…themes from las vegas Nevada… These days , recording studios that were once the engine room of the music shoals sound – fame on Avalon ave is cool … benefit from great security tailwinds , while names have done well such as amazon ..Another plus for the tech sector is that acquisition seem to be picking up , he says…

37. marcus anthony bynum - May 22, 2017

The Denver post put out school fighting deficit spending says watchdog ..Adams state University in Alamosa is struggling financially and in need of sustained growth , a situation school leaders say they are addressing through programs to boost enrollment and to keep students from leaving school. The 2,800 enrollment university generated between $900,000 and $3.6 million in operating cash flows before interest during the fiscal years 2011 through 2015 according to the report by huron consulting..The Bentley collection includes handmade sunglasses to golf clubs ..Perhaps this proliferation of carmaker to lifestyle brand will be seen in time as the automobile industry’s peak romance in light of the approaching electric age and driverless vehicles …Developing a plan that fully utilizes over looked space enlargement , possibilities is our strong suit. Nazemian said As a firm we concentrate on achieving large improvements in functionality and design while adding little square footage…

38. How Do You Treat Ibs With Constipation - February 18, 2018

We’re a bunch of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.

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39. marcus anthony bynum - September 18, 2018

national small business week of April 29-may 5, 2018.. thank you for celebrating…there is a list of classes on recorded webinar from score that are cool …. the list is 1. land more referrals (without asking for them)2. 3 ways to boost your bottom line..4. The power of pricing…5. financing tips to help your small business grow…6.5 shortcuts to small business7.. 7 steps to starting business…8.Overcome the fear of business planning by using the business model canavs…9.key steps to evaluate your business…10. 4 ways to market your business locally…11. sharing your business story through video…12. are you paying your employees correctly…13.how to get high paying clients…14..easy tax planning and organizing for small business…15..the fundamentals of selling b2b…16.digital market trends 2018….17 lean business planning for better management…18..essential elements of every small business website…19..idea to execution: how to launch or grow your business..

40. marcus anthony bynum - September 18, 2018

there is another list of webinars 20. how the new tax cuts and jobs act impacts your small business…21. outdo your competition by optimizing your online search listing…find investors and finance your business with equity crowdfunding..22.startup 101 what you need to start your business…

41. marcus anthony bynum - September 19, 2018

there are some other webinars to list such as 23. key steps to develop and evaluate your business….

42. marcus anthony bynum - September 20, 2018

lets get back to the webinars list… 24. 5 pillars of a facebook business page that rocks..25..essential elements of every small business plan..26..how to get high paying clients…27..wheres the money ? 10 small business loan types& how to qualify..28.. create more personalized email messages for better results…

43. marcus anthony bynum - September 20, 2018

I looked at the united way book about the fight for stability in the national capital area , as many as 260,000 residents are unbanked -unable to access or use banking services . This leaves them vulnerable to money predators or unreasonable fees for conducting simple transactions like cashing a check , and trapped in a cash money order world… United way nca is fighting to knock down those financial barriers by opening financial empowerment center offering access to professional financial services and guidance , providing low income residents with tax free assistance for families in households….

44. marcus anthony bynum - September 26, 2018

There are more thank you,s from small business webinars such as….1..thank you for celebrating national small business week….2.land more referrals (without asking for them)….3.3 ways to boost your bottom line….4. the power of pricing…5…financing tips to help your small business grow…..6… 5 shortcuts to small business success…..7. 7 steps to starting a business….8… overcome the fear of business planning by using the business model canvas….9…4 ways to market your business locally…10… sharing your business story through video… that increase a lot of sales for exchange of commodities…. After making it to atlantic city it was more fun taking webinars…In the mean time Atlantic city following the first night of the miss America 2019 preliminary competitions , several signs calling out the organizations board chairwoman Gretchen Carlson as so fake appeared around the city …

45. marcus anthony bynum - October 7, 2018

as I went around a few states I saw that there were more spacious 2,800 square foot houses built with a master bedroom and a second full bath like other modular structures , their 2011 colonial – style home was factory built in sections… Who did the work :design by Heather McManus of artistry interiors: custom woodwork by joseph j. opalka custom woodwork and refinishing of wayne…How long it took : about five months We met heather in January 2016 , and work started in march and finished in May 2016.. What they spent : about 60,000 $ ..Where they splurged on the hardwood flooring and the grouping of four designer chair

46. marcus anthony bynum - October 13, 2018

there are more small business webinars that I looked at and they very educating such a 1. One page business plans : simple and highly effective…2. Key steps to develop and evaluate your business…3. How to turn your customers into volunteer marketers…4. Create more personalized email messages for better results…5. Simplifying social media for solopreneurs …6. Easy & affordable diy infographics for your business..7. Win corporate clients – 3 strategies that will drive your b2b sales..8. How and why you should track your cash flow weekly….

47. marcus anthony bynum - October 13, 2018

Atlantic city fish and chicken dinner American legion Auxiliary Kenneth b Hawkins unit 61 will host ms. Smiths fish & chips chicken -fry fundraiser from 11 am to 3 pm sat September 2018 … As of the increase by 3.4 percent since its 2014 agreement with rowman university , while enrollment at Cumberland county college has been waning , resulting in a direct impact on the budget of layoffs this is source that comes from atlantic city ..

48. marcus anthony bynum - November 10, 2018

I took more small business webinars and they worked out they were..1. Can customer engagement increase your profits? 2.Increase your cash flow with a crm system ..3. Social media : what small business owners need to know…4. Start a successful business on a small budget..5. How to get high paying clients…6. Generate sales on autopilot with pre – recorded webinars…7. 3 ways to boost your bottom line…8.. The changing roles of virtual assistants….

49. marcus anthony bynum - November 17, 2018

I still need to refresh the ingredients from multiple inventions that were around at the las vegas massacre.. Such as titanium dioxide 10.66% – battle climate changes …Titanium dioxide is one of the top 50 chemicals produced worldwide…, absorbent antiperspirant propylene glycol- Hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate , citric acid, sodium hydroxide fragrance , lactic acid, fabric softner , well equip with vitamin e , vitamin a / retinol , also with sodium chloride….There are many more chemicals to speak about but these are I guess the main ones at the crime scene …..

50. marcus anthony bynum - November 17, 2018

I made it to small business virtual conference and there were nine webinars ….1.practical strategies for starting a successful business…2. smart credit strategies for small business owners…3.make your website work for you…4. hiring hazards-how to avoid the 7 most common legal landmines…5.Every contact matters- The value of your list…6.small business loan applications- why are they asking me that?7. The top hr issues business owners face- and how to solve them..8.Monetizing and maximizing your business and your brand..9.how to chose the perfect location to attract more customers…..

51. marcus anthony bynum - November 24, 2018

As I went around to a hand full of churches there were a lot of scriptures I looked at such as the second reading Hebrews 10:11-25 Every priest stands day after day at his service , offering again and again the same sacrifices that can never away sins… now the question is whos going to create a scripture to answer the question…But when Christ had offered for all time sacrifice for sins….That maybe a direct violation of gods word ..As Solomon grew old , his wives turned heart after other gods : his heart was not fully devoted to the lord…But then john said to jesus , Teacher ,we saw someone driving out demons in your name…We tried to prevent him because he does not follow us..so do not prevent him …There is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name…..

52. marcus anthony bynum - January 3, 2019

i did more learning on small business webinars they are called 1.hr 102- a small business guide to managing employees…..2..Practical strategies for starting a successful business…3.. Overcome the fear of business planning by using the business model canvas…4..Smart credit strategies for small business owners…5.. Startup shortcuts – 10 ways to jump start your business…6..Make your website work for you ….7..the power of pricing…8..Five marketing tips to attract more local customers…9..Simplifying social media for solopreneurs….

53. marcus anthony bynum - June 11, 2019

I went pass Tysons corner Virginia and looked at some good products such as soap and it has some good ingredients …. such as water, (aqua) , sodium benzoate , suave waterfall mist water , glycerin , kaclin, bentonite , sodium methyl cocoyl, added sugar from numerous business , white sugar brown sugar , taurate trideceth-9 , peg-5 xanthan gum,…. Le grand bain steryl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, polysobrate 60.. swan peroxide active with purified water 11/2019 other chemicals 07-09-2020…..thermophillis ferment, blue 1…., Anthemis nobilus flower extract…, magnesium chloride….

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