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Newsweek: Spending Spree Over April 21, 2008

Posted by pf in Expenses and Savings.
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I came across the following article from Newsweek

Essentially, the writer outlines how the spread of credit created a boom in spending that had both positive (increased accessibility to funds for housing, etc) and negative (overspending) effects.  Due to the current crisis and the generally indebtedness of our population, the author wonders if the era of free spending which generated significant growth not only in our own economy but for others around the world is over and what it may mean.

In my view – GOOD.  I have waxed on about similar topics in the past where I have expressed concern about our country ranging from the dire state of personal finances (too much debt, too little savings) to broader topics such as the crisis we are facing with Social Security and Healthcare.

I remain deeply distressed and concerned about the path we are on and the recent bailout proposals for both businesses and consumers who have made foolish mistakes and may be saved via a taxpayer rescue only strengthen this view.  WAKE UP.


1. Success is - November 4, 2010

My sentiments exactly. I know that this is an old post, but it still has relevance. What concerns me in the present though, is the number of people cannot repay their debts, and for that matter, how many people refuse to pay debts although they have the means… What would be the intermediate and final outcome of the fiscally irresponsible deciding not to repay debt?

2. the pilatesbiz - February 8, 2012

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3. marcus anthony bynum - April 8, 2012

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marcus anthony bynum - April 8, 2012

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marcus anthony bynum - April 29, 2012

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4. marcus anthony bynum - February 13, 2014

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5. marcus anthony bynum - February 13, 2014

al qaeda offers alliance to secular syeian rebels.. by maria abi-habib … beirut- the leader of al qaeda syria branch said in his first televised interview that he does not want to monopolize power and floated the idea of an alliancewith secular rebels………by the wall street journal…

6. marcus anthony bynum - March 14, 2015

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7. marcus anthony bynum - April 21, 2015

a bungling fox in the henhouse : the corporatization of higher education… posted by : timothy mcgettigan corporations will make your life better . corporations will solve your problems , repeat those phrases often enough , and eventually you might believe them. apparently, this is what happened to a surplus of gullible people over the past twenty years, lots of otherwise well – meaning folks became hypnotized by free market mania: the idea that deregulated corporate greed would somehow produce beneficial social outcomes…..

8. marcus anthony bynum - September 12, 2015

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