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Portfolio Allocation – Feb February 24, 2008

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First, let me say how said I am that I deleted my entire post on this by accident. As a result, I will have to do it over. Please forgive me if I don’t have quite the panache as in the first one (not that you would know the difference).

Some of you may recall that in the spring, I experimented with the Sell Stocks in May and Go Away? approach. Over the summer, I watched stocks continue to go up and then bounce up and down with wild volatility in the fall. At that time, I decided that although the approach was probably a good one, that I was probably not deft enough to fully leverage it OOF! Market Takes it on the Chin

Since then, I have been rebalancing my portfolio. However, as far as I recall, I haven’t really shared what I’ve actually done.


Stock Market Correction: Now!! August 17, 2007

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Since I reallocated my portfolio on May 1st on the “Sell in May and Go Away” concept  (”Sell Stocks in May and Go Away?), I have given a couple of subsequent updates:

Sell Stocks in May and Go Away: Update

Stock Market Correction: Now?

Stock Market Correction: Maybe Now?

Well, after the past couple of weeks declines, it is definitely here folks.  As I have said in my earlier posts, I wish I had a bit more conviction to my decision to reduce my exposure.  As of this writing, I am probably down about $20K in my portfolio.  Granted, it would be a bit worse had I done nothing…but still stings a bit when I think about what could have been.  Of course, the exact opposite could have happened which is why they tell us not to time the market, eh?


Buying A More Expensive House: Good Investment? May 17, 2007

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Previously, I had written about our goals of purchasing a new home (Buying a More Expensive House – Smart Financial Move?) and my struggle to determine whether or not it is the best move for us financially.

Real Estate Market: $100K off of a New Home

I am still grappling with this question (and honestly, the whole thing gives me a bit of anxiety) and have been searching and reading numerous articles, blogs, etc on the topic in hopes of coming to some conclusion and then being comfortable with whatever decision I make. My thoughts on this are still developing, but I think I am getting closer. Here is what I’ve gathered thus far: