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Portfolio Allocation – More Moves February 29, 2008

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Earlier this week, I made some change to my Portfolio Allocation. I’m starting to get this strange feeling of being a bit out of control. I have been considering a fund for some months now and after having decided to hold off, I changed my mind and made the plunge. I plugged $5K into an Africa / Middle-East fund (TRAMX) as part of my Roth IRA contributions for 2008. As far as my international holdings go, this felt like an area where I didn’t really have any exposure, so this was my solution to put me on the map, so to speak.


Portfolio Allocation – Made Some Moves February 27, 2008

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I finally acted on some of the portfolio allocations I had been considering the last couple of months. Of course, as is often the case, I wish I had gone ahead and made them sooner! In doing so, I actually made an unplanned allocation, which was to T Rowe Price Health Sciences (PRHSX). I had owned this fund in the past and dropped it at some point (do not recall the exact reasons, but suspect it was to allow me to allocate more to International funds). Longer term, I think being invested in the Health Sciences (ie drug makers, biotech, etc) is a sound investment (risks due universal healthcare, etc not withstanding).

Overall, my approach was to take some of the monies I had invested in my moderate allocation fund (PRWCX), which weathered the recent downturn fairly well, and push it into some other funds where I did not feel I had enough exposure.


Portfolio Allocation – Feb February 24, 2008

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First, let me say how said I am that I deleted my entire post on this by accident. As a result, I will have to do it over. Please forgive me if I don’t have quite the panache as in the first one (not that you would know the difference).

Some of you may recall that in the spring, I experimented with the Sell Stocks in May and Go Away? approach. Over the summer, I watched stocks continue to go up and then bounce up and down with wild volatility in the fall. At that time, I decided that although the approach was probably a good one, that I was probably not deft enough to fully leverage it OOF! Market Takes it on the Chin

Since then, I have been rebalancing my portfolio. However, as far as I recall, I haven’t really shared what I’ve actually done.