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OOF! Market Takes it on the Chin November 1, 2007

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Today the market really took a dive.  I feel that it’s just another reminder that you can not time the market.  With this knowledge firmly in hand, I have recently been rebalancing my portfolio to get back into alignment with my long term strategy.

 Thus far, it has been basically increasing my exposure in international stocks as well as natural resources.  In particular, I had not previously been invested in natural resources in a significant way until:

 1) I considered the growth around the world and that natural resources should be a core holding as it is not likely to get any cheaper and is a good hedge

2) I recently read an article about how Yale and Harvard invest their significant funds which included a hefty stake in commodities.  This article actually prompted me to take action on having natural resources as part of my portfolio.

 I have been a bit detached from my portfolio / finances these last few months and I suspect the results will show it.   I will shortly take inventory again to see where I am at and to get back on track.



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additional information to the degree of protection precautions.

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