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Pursuit of Happyness November 10, 2007

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Last night, my wife and I watched the movie of the same title of this post led by actor Will Smith and his son Jaden.  I think the movie has been out for awhile, but it’s just now showing up on cable tv (don’t go to the movies as often with all the kiddies), so a great time to watch.

I had already read some articles about the film and so was pretty familiar with the plot line and how the story would end.  Nonetheless, I was moved (as I’m sure were most who watched this movie). 

 However, my focus tended to be mostly on the struggles he endured and the agony of what he must have been going through as he tried to provide his son with food and shelter, etc.  For me, this speaks to some of my deepest fears in life…the inability to properly provide for my family. Granted, both my wife and I are college-educated, have a strong network of family and friends, and sufficient funds to weather a financial storm.  Yet, it’s still there…lingering. 

I think some of it has to do with the fact that I am the sole earner for a family of 6 in an economy where uninterrupted employment is becoming a bit more scarce.  Another part likely attributed to my own life experiences such as my own parents divorce, etc.  Like most movies, particularly those that inspire you to “do something”, I suspect that the effect will wear off shortly and I will return to daily life.  However, I am reminded that there are many people out there who ARE struggling financially…whether under a heavy burden of credit card debt, unable to meet their obligations with a mortgage that was too big for them in the first place or not saving nearly enough to fund their retirement.

 If you find yourself struggling financially, please remember:

  •  Failure is just a setup for a comeback
  •  There are proven approaches to putting yourself on the path to financial well-being
  •  There is an equally strong network of help and support from the personal finance community to help you get there


1. dong - November 10, 2007

Watching Pursuit of Happiness, I was reminded how lucky I am to have family and friends I can lean on if I had to. When you don’t have that safety net, it’s easy to go from bad to worse real fast. Of course being prepared helps, but preparing takes time…

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