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Christmas Lights Rambling – Update November 27, 2007

Posted by pf in Expenses and Savings, Frugality.

This an update to my original Christmas Lights Rambling post… 

This evening we went to one of those stores that has everything you could want in Christmas wares right alongside jacuzzi tubs and pool tables.  We were looking for some lights…and were especially interested in some of those new LED lights. 

Well, those LED lights are quite expensive (ex: $9 for 60 feet vs $2 for 100 feet of the regular kind).  I’m still thinking about buying them though….they’re so purdy (twang).  However, I digress…

 During my visit, I found something amazing.  I found a tool that fixes your lights!  It’s called lightkeeper pro and it really does work!  We have at least 10 partially lit strands around the house and the garage.  After we got home, the wife went to work on them and have fixed quite a few so far.  The best thing about it is how much time it saves by finding the exact bulb that is having the problem versus doing it one by one.

Anyway, I didn’t really intend for this to be a promotion, but wanted to share the little joy I found after being so discouraged about hanging up Christmas lights.  Has anyone else used this?  It costs about $20…we’ll easily save that this season in time and lights not thrown away.

The joy of Christmas has returned!



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