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Foreign Currency Investing January 5, 2008

Posted by pf in Expenses and Savings.
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Almost every day I read about how the US dollar continues to drop versus foreign currencies. During my travels abroad I have experienced this first hand when exchanging dollars for the local currency. The depreciation of our currency coupled with the recent decline in interest rates feels like a double-whammy in my pursuit of wealth creation.

As a result, I have been trying to figure out ways to minimize the damage and even capitalize on the opportunity. As I thought about this, the most obvious options seemed to be:

  • Investing in foreign stocks (which I already do)
  • Foreign currency trading

I don’t actively trade in stocks and I certainly can’t imagine myself actively trading in foreign currency. Regardless, I wanted to investigate other options. In particular, I was interested in how to improve the earnings on my cash position which is a fairly significant portion of my overall portfolio ($120K or 33%), excluding my home equity.

Portfolio Allocation – Feb

Here is what I found:

Foreign Currency ETFs – Essentially, the ETF will hold actual foreign currencies you are investing in and appreciate or declined based upon their performance against the dollar. This is fairly straightforward in that you are making a bet (much like currency trading) about how that currency will do against the US dollar. One of the downsides is that the ETF is not quite as liquid and you may not be able to get out as quickly if the market starts to tank. However, purchasing an ETF seems much simpler than setting up a trading account (particularly for smaller investors like myself who wouldn’t really use it very often).

Foreign Currency CDs – this is a new product for me that I had never really read anything about until very recently. This works just like a regular CD you would purchase at you local bank…they are even FDIC insured! The primary advantage is that you can invest your US dollars at higher interest rates (ex: current interest rates in New Zealand are as much as 6.75% for a 12-month CD) than you could otherwise with prevailing US interest rates. In addition, you may also get a boost to your overall return should the current appreciate against the dollar. Of course, the flip-side is that it could go the other way and your return could then be less. Despite the risks, I find this option very intriguing as I can open an account with a bank branch within the US and it would be FDIC insured. Assuming I could find enough of a rate difference and feel good about the potential current fluctuations, I could improve my real rate of return on my cash. I don’t think you would view this like an equity investment with potential for significant price appreciation, but rather an aggressive play with your cash. One of the banks I have seen advertise this is Everbank.

Foreign Currency Loans – This potential option really got me excited. Of course, as far as I can tell thus far, it doesn’t seem like something that is readily available in the US, but something more widely done in other countries such as the UK, for example. In particular, for things like mortgages. In this case, your loan is made at the prevailing interest rates of the foreign currency and you pay back your loan in the denomination of the foreign currency. The advantage is that you could obtain a loan at a much lower interest rate in the foreign currency (ex: 2.5% in Japanese Yen). Again, the potential downside is that you are exposed to the currency risk. If the Yen rises…bonus! If the Yen falls significantly…ouch, your monthly payment just went up. Also, for mortgages, many countries do not have loan terms that are as long as the US 30-year mortgage. Obviously, this raises your monthly payment…very unattractive for many in the US where mortgages terms are increasing (35 and 40 year mortgages becoming more common) because we can no longer afford the 30-year due to rising home prices and increasing debt. Anyway, although this doesn’t seem like an option for most of us right now, I think it is a fantastic concept that would increase the competition here in the US and open up a lot more options for astute borrowers. Of course, utilized improperly, it could also become the next subprime mortgage (people making big bets that don’t pan out).

Offshore Bank Account – I also looked into opening a foreign bank account so I could have funds invested there earning the local interest rate. HSBC seemed to have some options via their HSBC Bank International. Take a look at their quick guide to Ibanking. There are no additional fees to open up these types of accounts, although there are higher minimum balances required (ex: 25,000 British Sterling or currency equivalent) if you want to avoid a monthly service charge (ex: 20 British Sterling or currency equivalent). The best part is it appears that everything can be transacted online. I think the advantages and disadvantages of such an account are similar to the others, with the constant risk of currency fluctuation. The additional advantage here seems to be the ability to move funds in/out with relative ease and speed.

I have not made a firm commitment to pursue any of these options yet. However, as I mentioned, I find myself very interested in the CD…particularly as US rates appear to be headed downward for in the near term (next 12 mos). I don’t think these options make sense for everyone…but I think it could for some. Regardless, I’m glad to know I have some additional options available to me that I was not really aware of.

If anyone has some experience with this and /or knows of some other options I have not yet explored, please let us know!



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greatreporter.com and the commodities chain have a hsl mobile strategic investment fuels enterprise growth momentum by .. presswire, 9 july 2013 hsl mobile , the global mobile communications provider headquartered in livingston, scotland, today announced plans to invest heavily in increasing the capacity and resilence of their multi-million pound it and telecoms infrastructure….

87. marcus anthony bynum - October 29, 2013

baso absolute result 0.1 reference range 0.0-0.1 eos absolute o.20 reference range 0.00-0.50.. mono absolute result 0.5 reference range 0.3-1-1…

88. marcus anthony bynum - October 29, 2013

understanding your rights as a california taxpayer tax and fee program publication 70betty t yee, first district of the board of equalization… kristine cazadd, executive director.. property taxes property taxes, which make up the major source of revenue for california 58 counties, accounted for $ 49.2 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2009.. -10 tax programs the tax programs administered by the boe are concentrated in three general areas- sales and use taxes, property taxes , and special taxes and fees…9.00% tax schedule boe-180-9.00%… regulations key man if you and or any other individual are so critical to the operation of your business that it cannot continue in the event of your illness or death , you should consider key man insurance. this type of policy is frequently required by banks or government loan programs… it also can be used to provide continuity in operations during a period of ownership transition caused by the death or incapacitation of an owner or other key employee….by oklahoma small business resource guide 2009-10

89. marcus anthony bynum - October 29, 2013

primary medi information bynum marcus … county id 38-60-9577064-4-70 bic issue 02-29-12 paper – issue gov-rsp 2…gbg-12/11/12… primary medi-cal information… elig stat 301- 001-001-001-301 -301-301……

90. marcus anthony bynum - November 26, 2013

design .. dominiquie mesnier…for rolex oyster perpetual 18 kt everose gold 179175…. 18 kt white gold 179159…swarovski crystal pearl oyster vintage rose…….

91. marcus anthony bynum - November 26, 2013

there is an article on superhuman breakfast feat by.. moneypenny.. this weekend , it will all be over . will i be relieved ? exhausted will i be inspired..to live more ….elgar , the beatles and dizzee rascal have all had a starring role in londons olympic games but, asks our panel of critics , can british music continue to punch above its weight?…by . douglass k. daniel… romney campaign pins dismal gains on a lack of experience.. washington a weak labor market provided energy sunday for criticism of president obama, with the campaign of presumptive republican challenger mitt romney….by associated press what needs to be better everything… the sharks are looking for a reversal from the decidedly one – sided season series, in which the blues dominated…

92. marcus anthony bynum - November 26, 2013

by michael n. westly producer , screenwriter and director dustin lance black has been named the grand marshal for the 2012 utah pride festival…also by douglass k. daniel with republicans controling the house of democrats the majority party in the senate, the cooperation required to send a bill to the president might prove to be elusive in an election year…

93. marcus anthony bynum - November 26, 2013

san jose failed to score in two trips to st. louis, being shut out by elliot in december and halak in february, and failed to score on its last 14 power – play chances against the blues… panelists peter aspden is the fts arts writer .. laura battle is an ft classical music critic. ludovic hunter – tilney is the fts pop music critic .. paul morley is a music critic and author….

94. marcus anthony bynum - November 26, 2013

http://www.investors.com .. will gop seize this moment health reform: if the supreme court chucks obamacare entirely, which looks increasingly likely, republicans will finally have a chance to redefine the debate, but only if they get educated and put together reform ideas now…—and now the medi-cal health plan tips on choosing your primary care provider pcp .. primary care provider .. the doctor nurse practioner , or physician assistant that you choose to provide all basic health care .. your pcp is your regular provider and should be the first provider you see . they decide when specialty care is needed . some examples of pcp are.. general practice pcp sees adults.. family practice pcp sees adults and children.. pediatric pcp sees only children.. internal medicine pcp sees adults and teens….

95. marcus anthony bynum - December 7, 2013

top funds find favor with social networkers by julie mak …. the managers of the past three months top performing mutual funds have been gorging on internet content providers, data from their latest holdings reports show…….

96. marcus anthony bynum - December 7, 2013

by blue cross blue anthem…. definitions types of health care providers: audiologist is a provider who tests your hearing. certified nurse – midwife is a nurse who cares for you during pregnancy and childbirth.. family practitioner is a doctor who treats common medical issues. licensed vocational nurse is a licensed nurse who works with your doctor.. marriage, family and child counselor is a person who helps you with family problems… medical assistant or certified medical assistant is a non- licensed person who helps your doctor give you medical care… mid – level practitioner is a name used for health care providers , such as nurse- midwives, physician’s assistants or nurse practitioners… home health care providers give you skilled nursing care and other services at home….

97. marcus anthony bynum - March 14, 2014

the billionaire chairman of the german group says steering change there has been harder than setting it up, write paul taylor and chris bryant…monday interview , by hasso plattner co founder , sap….guess what by maria carmela i quinto…antoinette taus gma network brightest star…this week in history by jun marcelo.. february 28, 1849 – first boat load of gold rush prospectors arrives in san francisco from east coast…2008- former prime minister of thailand thaksin shinawatra is arrested on curruption charges upon returning to thailand after months of exile…an evening with magan mullally – her band nancy – beth..the warner theatre in washington d.cchina , importa armas deleste asiatico, china supero a corea del sur en 2013 como principal importador de armas del este y sudeste asiatico , en el marco del disparo de las compras de armamento en la region en el comercio global en ese sector…

98. marcus anthony bynum - March 14, 2014

night light bilubs with a candelbra 7w made in mexico e218319 type fsa-04b rating 125v – 15a…

99. marcus anthony bynum - March 14, 2014

us. patented pending 6,170,958 +6,171,117+ 6,280,053 rating 125v -15 a e218319 copyright oklahoma city by aaron design inc…

100. marcus anthony bynum - March 14, 2014

winchell,s #9267 GOOD PASTRY clerk 4 308789 00000 come again soon…winchell,s pastry restuarant in hollywood c.a 90028…

101. marcus anthony bynum - March 14, 2014

designed by apple in californiamodel no :a1265 input 100-240v-50/60 hz 0.15a output 5v apple technology…

102. marcus anthony bynum - March 15, 2014

industry note target – estimate change…telecom services 4q13 preview : consolidation prospects outshine weak fundamentals…positive trading calls.., negative trading calls. jerry dellis equity analyst.. ulrich rathe, cfa. equity anlyst telecom from exchange of commodities, intitute of trading portfolio management…stock preferences most preferred -deutsche telecom tp- eur 14.5, telenor tp- nok 168, kpn tp-eur 3.12, bt tp- 435p, orange tp-eur 12.0, ses tp- eur 28.0 , daisy communication tp- 124p,… some of the most perferred stock preferences…

103. marcus anthony bynum - March 15, 2014

neutral stock,, vodafone tp-216p, portugal telecom tp- eur 3.30, c&w communicATIONS TP-48P, ZON OPTIMUS TPeur 4.90, telecom italia tp- eur 0.74

104. marcus anthony bynum - March 15, 2014

least preferred ,,belgacom , tp- 19.0 mobistar tp- eur 11.0,telefonica tp- eur 9.6… telecommunications bskyb, estimates, operating profit… product growth forecast 685k, vs. 800k.. , revenue components for c.80% of sky revenue from a substantial tv price… operating costs growing at 10.2 %….by jerry dellis , equity analyst…..

105. marcus anthony bynum - March 15, 2014

table 8: bskyb operating drivers.. revenue 1,715- revenue growth 3.5%, operating expense 1,405, operating expense growth direct networks 6.2%, marketing 15.5 %….by jerry dellis , equity analyst, and exchange of commodities….

106. marcus anthony bynum - March 15, 2014

filam star could dicaprio finally win coveted oscar..to the bright lights of film , a cerrar la brecha de los chances….

107. marcus anthony bynum - March 15, 2014

telecommunications iast9 pension deficit one quarter time value of money… may edge down a bit….. we forecast 6.2 bn gross at end – dec meaning 6.2 bn brittish pounds .. cashflow forecast 1q 12/13 , normalised free cash flow (124) reported free cashflow gross pension deficit payment…..

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Foreign Currency Investing | My Personal Finance Odyssey – хороший пост, спасибо

110. marcus anthony bynum - June 20, 2014

oil – gas ipo enable midstream works rich set of assets…. there is an article from vance cariaga… investors business daily… thanks to advanced drilling technologies and rising oil and gas prices , energy stocks have been among the biggest gainers on wall street this year….lets look at the substantial starting out .. unlike some new issues , enable wasn’t starving for cash when it went public. last year the company reported revenue of $2.4 billion , up from about $ 950 million the prior year….

111. marcus anthony bynum - June 20, 2014

los angeles times business sector had a few good articles such as Emerging markets to grip g-20 at the summit in Russia , world leaders to face developing countries on shaky economies by don lee. Washington —for the first time in several years , the annual g-20 summit won’t be dominated by the Eurozone debt….

112. marcus anthony bynum - June 20, 2014

los angeles times business seminctor have some more good aticles.. minimum wage campaign shifts strategy.. Elaine Thompson …. cities nationwide are considering passing ordinances or are facing ballot measures that would raise the minimum wage well above the federal rate of $7.25 . above , seattle mayor ed murray , left , who has proposed a 15$ minimum wage , at a news conference in april…

113. marcus anthony bynum - June 20, 2014

investors business daily … inter.post national leaders by alan r. Elliot.. elections in the European union may exert some influence this week on overseas market like Greece , while the Ukraine looming presidential elections at a sharpiening of the countries tension with Russia…post Tuesday , may 20, 2014….

114. marcus anthony bynum - June 20, 2014

financial times have some good articles on aegon and danske bank lead … in Europe by .. Alexandria Stevenson corporate earnings were behind the biggest moves across Europe amid thin trading this week as traders began to peel off for summer holiday … an article back in august 2012….the german lender reported disappointing first half results and warned macroeconomics conditions could keep operating profits under pressure….

115. marcus anthony bynum - June 20, 2014

financial times might have one more bunzl is biggest loser in FTSE market in London by , Michael hunter the bearish broker comment on bunzl made it the biggest single faller on the FTSE 100 yesterday as the benchmark index drifted off a four month high and its five – session rally faded amid profit taking….

116. marcus anthony bynum - July 8, 2014

back in d.c whats up getting the permits taking care of for the financial business…happy july 4th…

117. bankruptcy attorneys in orange county ca - July 15, 2014

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118. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

business briefing … by l.a times business.com exxon profit falls but tops estimates… also the investor business daily have some overview ibd market pulse festure has a long history of recognizing shifts in market direction early on to help investors maximize gains in uptrends and protect their portfolios in downtrends…the l.a opinion indico que con el cualquier tipo de movilidad, que inclusive ellos mismos ,

119. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

cost – cutting and higher prices for its oil and gas helped the company beat the expectations of wall street analysts…how it performs since 2003 ibd, etf market strategy produced an estimated cumulative return of ibd , etf…

120. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

I lokked at some permit boards and found that they have fr-500 applications. fr-500 is a combined registration application for business d.c taxes /fees assessments from the government of the district of Columbia office of tax and revenue,,,,,

121. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

I looked at some permit boards and found that they have fr-500 applications. fr-500 is a combined registration application for business d.c taxes /fees assessments from the government of the district of Columbia office of tax and revenue,,,,,

122. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

jpri working paper no.94 continued loose fiscal policy for the duration of non- performing loan clean up. larger deficits might be too much to expect , but deficits should not be reduced until the non- performing loan situation is under control in another three to four years…notes .. data are from management and coordination agency, ministry of health , labor and welfare,bureau of economic anlalysis ,u.s department of commerce….from sociology japan statistical yearbook

123. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

previous balance 04/16 13 $0.68 7 deposits /credits $653.00 22 checks /debits – $652.30 service charges $0.00 ending balance 05/16 13 $1.38….banking with capital one bank….

124. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

embassy suites hotels suite 704/kexn , arrival date 10/8 / 2009 adult / child 1/0 suite rate 350.00 rate plan lv6 ……

125. marcus anthony bynum - September 6, 2014

oil company business resource guide small business resource … in fiscal year 2007, swosu exceeded its goal of business startups by 132 percent and surpassed its capital formation goal by 468 percent by contributing more than $16 million to the economy in small business capital…..

126. marcus anthony bynum - November 9, 2014

by the ardmoreite the learning center host annual thanksgiving luncheon it was a thanksgiving meal with all the fixings wednesday at gloria ainsworth child care and learning center … the learning center – which serves ardmore and the surrounding communities – conducted its annual thanksgiving luncheon with members of the community…netherlands dutch to public , don’t pee on the royal palace.. amsterdam if you’re caught short on amsterdam historic dam square , the dutch government has a message for you : don’t pee on the palace…girl scouts have the healthy living expo ….

127. marcus anthony bynum - November 19, 2014

went back to Ardmore and looked at the business aspect of a 4 year run and came to this conclusion master degrees 4 year course but now since the 4-5 year is over the ardmoreite have real good education about the Netherlands the dutch to public : don’t pee on the royal palace …. Amsterdam – if youre caught short on amsterdams historic dam square, the dutch government has a message for you :don’t pee on the palace…

128. marcus anthony bynum - November 19, 2014

also on the list is that the dutch royal family uses the stately royal palace in downtown Amsterdam as working palace , not a residence.. but the buildings dark arches provide a favored spot for urination… after a multimillion euro renovation ended in late 2011 , people began urinating against the palces sandstone….

129. marcus anthony bynum - November 19, 2014

the industry snapshot from the investors business daily.. a recovery , with some reservations.. the u.s hotel trade is hot , but the dollar, ebola and Russia are all downers on global travel…by Marilyn alva… quartley results tricking in from major hotels over the last week made clear the hospitality industry recovery that began a few years ago is at least in some reigons- stronger than ever…Marriott international.. saw occupancy rates at its newly acquired protea hotels in Nigeria fall in the third quarter , cfo carl berquist said in a conference call Wednesday, without disclosing specific numbers…

130. marcus anthony bynum - November 19, 2014

funds and personal finance brazil etfs fall as election nears…polls show challenger seen as market friendly , losing some ground…

131. marcus anthony bynum - November 19, 2014

still qualified under federal law , target – date funds are qualified default investments alternatives , that will remain the case if deferred annuities are included..can your 401k be a pension..by Donald jay korn..

132. marcus anthony bynum - November 19, 2014

federal approval the treasury notice , published oct. 24 allows target- date funds in 401k plan to hold deferred annuities .. as their name indicates, target – date funds focus on one particular future year to help investors with their retirement planning….

133. marcus anthony bynum - November 20, 2014

Virginia customer b62448985 06-09-1980 Bynum , Anthony marcus investor business daily media section…77 85 5036.6 21stcen .7 foxa 35.11 +0 -45 7.5m-0.06% since jan 1..64 80 21 bb 89.6 viacoma 1.8 via 73.34 +1.81 +36 4713…58 80 21 bc 89.8 viacomb 1.8 viab 72.96 +1.76 +59 4.9m… 91 90 80 ad + 92.0 waltdis .9 dis 90.80 +0.31 -42 4.2m……

134. marcus anthony bynum - November 20, 2014

investor business daily media 53 82 18 b b 89.6 viacoma 1.8 via 73.06 +0.11 +13 3413.. 44 82 18 b d -89.8 Viacomb 1.8 viab 72.68 -0.04 -2 2.7m 13… 88 94 85 a d nh waltdis .9 dis 91.38 +1.16 +127.4m 21

135. marcus anthony bynum - November 20, 2014

the information about the investor business daily comes from a 2 week time period November 3- November 17, 2014 2 week pay period…

136. marcus anthony bynum - November 21, 2014

there are some banks that investor business daily have an ipo the ipo they got is 82 83 96 a b -52.0 bncoma 2.8 bma 40.02 -0.49 -71 44… 87 93 81 d b +nh capitalbkfinl cbf 26.03 -0.05 – 36 99 25….

137. marcus anthony bynum - November 21, 2014

89 88 97 a c – 52.0 bancoma 2.7 bma 42.24 +2.69 0 166 in between a 2 week period November 3, 2014 to November 17, 2014… 97 98 88 a a- nh wstrnallianc wal 26.62 +0.53 +74 74416….

138. marcus anthony bynum - November 21, 2014

there is a stock spotlight and the spotlight is at a year down 2.2% alexion pharmaceuticals 99eps rs92 roe 29% stock $191.36.. develops therapeutics to treat hematologic & neurologic diseases & metabolic & inflammatory disorders…

139. marcus anthony bynum - December 11, 2014

i did a look at the family history crest also the house of names it has people names origins and were they first reached… I still have my permits , the one who issue the permits have a family history crest …. her last name is woods …. mrs. woods is a name that reached England following the norman conquest of 1066 … the norman conquest is a quest from the royal kingdoms basicly german settlers….you can also look at Bynum family history crest, it is in history before the norman conquest …. the woman that issued the permits have family folling the norman conquest……..

140. marcus anthony bynum - December 18, 2014

a good report came from winslow in the investor business daily newspaper.. goodbye , Columbus.. in that 1976 stunner against the no 2 buckeyes , winslow entered the game in Columbus ohio……some other people money it there’s little upside for tech companies hosting the online account of the dead .. there’s no money in it for them , said Edward mccaffery, a professor at university of southern California school of law………….

141. marcus anthony bynum - December 18, 2014

there is some resources for families that can teach about family history…family crest woods is a name that first reached England following the norman conquest of 1066 .. the woods family lived in Leicestershire .. further research showed the name was derived from the old English…….

142. marcus anthony bynum - December 18, 2014

oil – gas exxon said to have struck oil ExxonMobil and rosneft reportedly struck oil in the university -1 well in the Russian arctic , reported the financial times , just 1 week after the company said it would reduce activity there in compliance with u.s sanctions.. the ft citied sources saying that the results weren’t conclusive and would require exploratory drilling , though sanctions prohibit exxons cooperation with Russia oil firms in the arctic .. shares rose 1.3% to 95.43……..

143. marcus anthony bynum - December 18, 2014

Stephen moore and Kathleen Hartnett-white.. the real foundation …the greastest contribution to humankind from the captins of industry whose shoulders we stand on today were the industries they built and the affordable products they provided to the masses, and their too – often – confused and even clueless desendants give away…

144. marcus anthony bynum - December 18, 2014

the investors are out by ..leslie picker investors are waiting their first peak at twitter’s financial will focus on key data points….also in the Netherlands dutch to public : don’t pee on the royal palace …after a multimillion – euro renovation ended in late 2011 , people began urinating against the palace’s sandstone façade . that prompted authorities to put up a fence…..

145. marcus anthony bynum - December 18, 2014

money managers want to know how good a job twitter is doing wringing revenue from each user… ,but the interior ministry on Wednesday called the fence unworthy of the historic location the big thing is their revenue per user….

146. marcus anthony bynum - December 19, 2014

got notes from exchange of commodities and there are very helpful the fy13 good results , strong dividend from the African rainbow minerals ltd.. arm reported that the African rainbow minerals have key positives : nkomati nickel continued a significant 1h13 turnaround , increasing production by 66% to 23.2kt of nickel and reducing costs by 42% to us$4.98/lb. arm platinum earnings increased from r60mn in fy12 to r 572mn and arm coal increased from r52mn to r148mn

147. marcus anthony bynum - December 19, 2014

key negatives for the African minerals ltd… although lubambe copper mine commissioned its concentrator plant two months ahead of schedule and produced 14.9kt of copper , the mine has challenges with the quality of the concentrate delivered to a smelter . management have revised their expectation of steady state unit costs from $1.45/lb to $1.65/lb in july 2015 terms……

148. marcus anthony bynum - January 9, 2015

i went to santa Barbara foreign currency where the currency is almost double….

149. marcus anthony bynum - January 9, 2015

from the bible in santa Barbara from the book of john 2,3 2- this man came to jesus by night and said to him , rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from god ,for no one can do these signs that you do unless god is with you….

150. marcus anthony bynum - January 9, 2015

also from the bible in Ardmore Oklahoma the chapter from eph. 2,1 and you hath he quickened , who were dead in trespasses and sins wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world…

151. marcus anthony bynum - January 9, 2015

santa Barbara news -press do it again in 2015? irongate the vanguard dividend appreciation exchange – traded fund as a way to invest in companies with a history of rising dividends. mr. coggins notes the etf charges a fee of just 0.1% source from the santa Barbara news press….

152. marcus anthony bynum - January 9, 2015

deutche telekom the upside scenario .. strong cost cutting ahead of targets especially in domestic operations.. increased investments in domestic fixed broadband delivers top -line upside…by jerry dellis, equity analst, 44 … exchange of commodities

153. marcus anthony bynum - January 9, 2015

the news was also bad for stock – picking mutual funds when compared to portfolios that simply track the s-p500.. this is from another article from the santa Barbara news press…

154. marcus anthony bynum - January 12, 2015

the institute of trading portfolio management emails some of the forum classes on subscriptions.. Barclays global portfolio managers digest diverging central banks… potential central bank tapering. with major central banks focusing on the front end…. and another forum on global energy oil services… global oilfield services weekly :a quick trip around the world.. us scorecard / and Europe :sbm offshore recovery underway with strong 1h results… global energy oil services class august 12, 2013….Barclays cross asset research 21, july 2013….

155. marcus anthony bynum - January 12, 2015

santa Barbara news – press gop focus for congress cut deficit, don’t stumble… by alan fram associated press Washington– in the first republican dominated congress to confront president barack Obama, gop leaders will focus on bloostering the economy and cutting the budget – and oh yes, avoiding self – inflicted…..

156. marcus anthony bynum - January 12, 2015

downtown condo , santa Barbara news press real estate sunday , January 4 , 2015… downtown condos made rich with secondhand furnishings…by Rebecca teagarden there are those for whom interior design is all about the thrill of the kill. hunt for the perfect table , chair , sofa , rug .. and then the gathering of those pieces to create for themselves surroundings unique and most personal….also santa Barbara helped out with the inr stabilization measures insufficient. the reserve bank of india introduced measures targeted to push short term rates higher to curb recent pressures on the inr….sales and earnings growth with international exposure.. Chicago bridge & iron co..sector industrials market cap 6.7bn, price 62.27 ……the bottom of the list tech data corp market cap 1.8 bn price 49.46….. prices are $, and cap value are $………

157. marcus anthony bynum - January 12, 2015

santa Barbara news – press real estate … stylish beach duplex extensively remodeled with porcelain tile , Caesar stone counter and limestone tile in the kitchens. a spiral staircase leads to a shared 1,000 square foot roof – top deck which offers magnificent ocean, island, and Rincon pier views………

158. marcus anthony bynum - January 12, 2015

now lets get back to the global energy geos: revise fy13-14 on statoil recognition/ obx nodal , 12 month target to $86 geospace technologies reported 3qfy13 eps that topped our estimate though matched consensus….

159. marcus anthony bynum - January 15, 2015

investors.com Friday,december 26, 2014… oil drilling contractors face glut of rigs source from ibd industry offshore oil drilling contractors who last year were able to charge record rates for their vessels are now under pressure to scran old rigs at an unprecedented pace….

160. marcus anthony bynum - January 15, 2015

santa Barbara news – press dear dave my husband and I are debt free except for our home and we have about $100.000 in savings recently , one of our daughters was diagnosed with crohns disease. we’re worried about this, and the fact that she and her sister are both teenage drivers… do you think we should drop full coverage, and have just liability, since we’ll probably have lots of medical bills over the next few years….

161. marcus anthony bynum - January 16, 2015

transaction ref 2014110300273864 usd amount $12.96…foreign exchange with bank of America….I went to a bank in Hollywood and talk to a banker about the trading portfolio program and what it does …. Now the preferred rewards program is a program that helps people that is eligible with bank of America that can maintain a balance to the requirements without the need of enrollment…they also have platinum honors , for combined balances at or above $100,000…I guess that enrolling into the program you can learn about the employee benefits plan (such as 401k) and certain 529 plans will not count towards the combined balance requirement..

162. marcus anthony bynum - January 16, 2015

I was also looking at the capital base stabilizing ? company guidance points to stable to modestly growing capital investments.. in recent years companies have moved the focus of guidance away from production and toward the constituents of free cash flow…

marcus anthony bynum - January 16, 2015

capital base stabilizing for free cashflow is in the institute of trading portfolio management…

163. marcus anthony bynum - January 16, 2015

in profiting from big oil renaissance (sep 2011) we argued that the sector was undervalued…also having the potential central bank tapering . with major central banks focusing on the frontend of their domestic yield curves…this lesson comes from the institute of trading portfolio management…..

164. marcus anthony bynum - January 16, 2015

jack in the box have good food eat in 337,pizza hut dine in #00069 medium hand toss cheese ,pepperoni,pork,chicken…also mcdonalds kvs order 29 1 s coffee 1.29

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166. marcus anthony bynum - June 9, 2015

if you look at the ibd which is investor business daily paper from nov 3, 2014 engage marketing specialists to run client events, seminars.. centers of influence know , silver says . the aversge client has upward of 200 connections on linkedin , silver said … Pick 25 with the most best contacts….look at their connections and just pick four based on their job titles, who they work for and any other indications… also cast a wide net ….as you experiment , be more consistant … Don’t cancel seminars because too few people show up at first…

167. marcus anthony bynum - June 9, 2015

build a track record if youre going to ask people to hand over their money , you have to show some results… , listen when people come for advice , they really want to be heard first… as for the oil- gas business refining lifts exxon, chevron… exxon mobile q3 eps rose 5.6% to $1.89, beating views by 18 cents… revenue dipped 4% to $107.5 bil , above views for $105.5 bil… oil and gas production was down nearly 5%……nov 3 , 2014…..

168. marcus anthony bynum - June 9, 2015

also heard that as soon as I got back in California nov 17. 2014 the biotech group faces stiff selling pressure the leading biotech names took hits Friday, but its too early to say if the group is ready to surrender its market leadership… celgene , biogen idec, lumina , acadia healthcare, and mednax……services groups on the medical research equipment…

169. marcus anthony bynum - June 9, 2015

nov 17 , 2014 buying the best … follow top rated mutual funds for clues to pick winning stocks… demand the best apple, jp morgan chase, bank of America and google.. the 297 stock tiaa fund whose top holdings are google, Microsoft , and Verizon, and the lower rated funds include Alexion pharmaceuticals, union pacific, car max and google…

170. marcus anthony bynum - June 13, 2015

I closed out on three permits in California …..The permits were good ,but did not make enough money the shelter looked out for some jack in the box cards… 6065 1293 2633 6116,,, 6065 1293 2634 8955 were the access to the meals for a couple of days since the permits are closed …. Not all permits just three are closed out of business over 50% of taxes are paid before the due date…

171. marcus anthony bynum - June 13, 2015

I also looked at another article from financial times and it is discussing a business life…here is a test , find a pencil and a scrap of paper and draw the apple logo… easy no ? Now compare your sketch to the real thing… if you are like me , or like 98.8 percent of a sample recently tested by psychologist at ucla, you failed…..business life

172. marcus anthony bynum - June 13, 2015

Now since the three permits are closed I’m thinking about going to church where I get my birthday grace from .. the book of job: 38:8 who shut up the sea behind doors when it burst forth from the womb, when I made the clouds its garments and wrapped it in thick darkness , when I fixed limits for it and set its doors and bars in place, when I said , this far you may come and no farther , here is where your proud waves halt?

173. marcus anthony bynum - June 13, 2015

Now lets get back to the birthday grace… have you journeyed to the springs of the sea or walked in the recesses of the deep ? have the gates of death been shown to you ? have you seen the gates of the shadow of death ? have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth ? tell me , if you know all this….

174. marcus anthony bynum - June 13, 2015

Now lets get back to the birthday grace … who let the wild donkey go free ? who untied his ropes ? I gave him the wasteland as his home , the salt flats as his habitat… who gives birth to the frost from the heavens , when the waters become hard as a stone, when the surface of the deep is frozen….

175. bynumforeigncurrency - June 26, 2015

do not listen to Hezekiah , for he is misleading you when he say the lord will deliver us … has the god of any nation ever delivered his land from the hand of the king of Assyria? Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvain , Hena , and Ivvah? Have they rescued Samaria from my hand ? of all the gods of these countries has been able to save his land from me? How then can the lord deliver Jerusalem from my hand… But the people remained silent and said nothing in reply…..

176. bynumforeigncurrency - June 26, 2015

Sing to the lord , for he is highly exalted . The horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea…

177. bynumforeigncurrency - June 26, 2015

Moses flees to midian .. One day , after Moses had grew up , he went out to where his own people were and watched them at their hard labor. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew , one of his own people….

178. marcus anthony bynum - July 17, 2015

i went to small business administration and was talking to a representative about business what they said was look at an outline for a business plan… 1. the executive summary … the executive summary is probably the most important aspect of your plan… It should communicate your company’s competence to be a successful in a competitive market.. It summarizes the other sections in your plan and should be written last….

179. marcus anthony bynum - July 17, 2015

a. company description … 1. name and location 2. Company’s mission 3. location and geographical information.. 4. product or services.. 5. competitive advantage….

180. marcus anthony bynum - July 17, 2015

marketing and sales activities.. this section should contain a discussion of marketing and sales activities and how these activities will help you meet the sales and profit in your financial statements… Marketing and sales strategies should be conveyed, as well as the keys to success in your competitive environment…..

181. marcus anthony bynum - July 17, 2015

there is another business plan coming from another source in small business score class chapter 1-700 for example Brian jones plans to open a shoe store and estimates fixed annual expenses for first year at $9,000 . He estimates variable expenses at $700 for every $1,000 of sales .. How much must the store gross to break even?

182. marcus anthony bynum - July 17, 2015

make the cash flow projection . Take each income and expense item from the p&l statement and allocate by month for the first year…

183. marcus anthony bynum - July 17, 2015

i looked at the Washington post there are talking about the 5 year course .. the last five years….four year gain of 54,500 jobs and now 62,000 jobs have been added .. 1.5 percent in 2013 , 14 to 658,000 +_ residents in 2010 it was 601,723 d.c has been losing federal jobs…

184. marcus anthony bynum - July 21, 2015

I looked at the wall street paper online with some nice things about vactions…the ideal getaway anticipation is half the fun.. The act of planning a vaction increases the sense of well being we get from it studies show… we are actually happier before the trip than after…the article by … sumathi reddy….

185. marcus anthony bynum - July 28, 2015

I went to travelex currency usb- castro bank and bought Indonesian currency 100,00,00 at an exchange rate of 16097.4075.. it gets exchange to u.s dollar 6.21 ..also the settlement summary total services 0.95 sub total 5.26….

186. marcus anthony bynum - August 10, 2015

Lets take a look at the choosing the right business for you …. your personal objectives, your talents, your personality traits, Quiz : do you have what it takes ? considerations in choosing your business, is your business idea feasible? on the upside…for your records marcus a. Bynum opportunity account by a nice banker name : Tanya perez city santa Barbara , key priorities savings , insurance and identity theft protection plans , borrowing / credit needs , home financing, retirement , investing….dear someone thank you for the dozens of readers offered similar opinions about the husbands behavior , including a registered nurse who wrote whats happening…..

187. marcus anthony bynum - August 10, 2015

as far as looking for oil and gas Lombard 76 2498 Lombard st san Francisco might have the oil, and gas you want…Or you can check chevron 2399 market st . san Francisco ca. If you work with just 2 oil , gas stations where can you get more money even if you are in the commodities business…

188. marcus anthony bynum - August 10, 2015

la roche-posay labortoire dermatologique… effaclar acne innovations the next authority in acne treatment… advancement to address all acne – prone skin treatment….la roche posay is commited to dermatology…1. pure foaming gel…2. astringment lotion mico – exfoliant….3. daily renovating anti -relapse care..4. Dual action acne treatment..5. pore – refining / anti – wrinkle care benefits texture…

189. marcus anthony bynum - August 10, 2015

chase bank got the news about the investing account… 0780.. deposit 430392277, and deposit 430332402, deposit 1123915744, deposit 391147259, deposit 391147265… chase have deposit numbers that can be a good resource to marcus Anthony Bynum foreign currency…

190. marcus anthony bynum - August 10, 2015

ipod nano completely redesigned with a larger , 2-5 inch multi – touch display for playing music and videos, also features nike,+ support and built – in Bluetooth 16gb…cbc with differential (final result) abnormal hgb 14.6 , hct 42.7, mcv 86.4 , what I do know is when the urinalysis w / microscopy the protein ua 1+ (a) note urines with a ph greater than 8.0 may cause false positive result…..

191. marcus anthony bynum - August 10, 2015

small business loans will restart soon small business will soon be able to get loans approved again by the federal government … the house has passed and sent to president Obama a bill raising the lending authority for the small business administration biggest loan program , known as the 7(a) program . Loan approvals went on hold Thursday when the agency reached its $18.75 billion annual limit for loan guarantees..

192. marcus anthony bynum - August 10, 2015

elegance near the beach web: 0632241/ $4,950,000 d. randall…3055 hidden valley web : 0592884/ $ 2,495,000 p. Goodwin real estate report…..

193. marcus anthony bynum - August 17, 2015

i went to san Francisco and connected with some daily renovating resources.. The daily renovating resources are anti – relapse salicyclic acid treatment.. and it clears and refines a persons pores , and helps prevent new acne blemishes transforms and smoothes skin texture…by la roche- posay……

194. marcus anthony bynum - August 17, 2015

There are 1-4 different ways were you can get the treatment.. active c anti wrinkle dermatological corrector .. daily use moisturizer that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps smooth uneven complexion.. Now redermic c anti -wrinkle firming moisturizing filler .. visibly plumps , fills and reduces wrinkles.. Hydrates to smooth skin and even texture.. for now that’s just 2 ways of a transform for a 6 week anti- relapse efficacy, and is a good revolutionary combination ……

195. marcus anthony bynum - August 17, 2015

I also went to a couple of service stations and connected with waterproof bandage tape, and adhesive bandage comfort sheer , with a comfort – flex technology. flexibility and comfort your skin will love with Quiltvent pad for superior breathability…now the multi – purpose cleaner due to a formula difference , do not use multi – purpose pourable liquid cleaner as a refill for fabuloso multi – purpose spray… that means that its a chemical compound ..

196. marcus anthony bynum - August 17, 2015

while touring around there are some professional services whilr touring in santa Barbara you can go to Antioch university 602 anacapa street , santa Barbara, ca 93101 contact no.. (805) 962 – 8179.. Antioch university santa Barbara prepares students for professional success and services to their communities by developing critical thinking , leadership and a worldwide dedicated to social good .. Undergrduate and graduate programs are offered in education , psychology, business , communications , and liberal studies… sothebys international realty.. 1436 state street , santa Barbara has a proud tradition of serving santa Barbara real estate needs .. representing properties in all price ranges from estates to entry -level homes, we value our relationship with each and every client……

197. MARCUS ANTHONY BYNUM - August 20, 2015


198. MARCUS ANTHONY BYNUM - August 20, 2015

now since I reopened my account with wells fargo the trans action history first deposit 50.00$ purchase authorized on 08/04 staples $1.79 purchased authorized on 08/04 at urban masala, purchased authorized on 08/04 at stella barra pizze, purchased authorized on 08/05 at starbucks…ther are more purchase authorization even from jack in the box $2.17….

199. marcus anthony bynum - August 24, 2015

civil rights litigation clearinghouse… case name Bynum v. dristrict of Columbia the case summary d.c agreed in 2005 to pay $14 million to settle the lawsuit: $5 million to build a new inmate processing center (ipc) 200,000 each to six named plaintiffs, over $4 million in attorney fees, and the balance to nearly 4,000 class members and administration fees. the average payment per class member was expected to be about $2,700, but the amount based on the lenth of over-detention…

200. marcus anthony bynum - September 12, 2015

i looked at a few papers classifieds sections …. For example santa Barbara business section..palms springs classified section… commercial for rent Coldwell banker roadrunner realty 56809 29, palms hwy.. yucca valley commercial , and you can find more to the desert trail.com buying, selling, trading, helping , and saving…. tri – valley realty lic #00841552 sales&property management.. Morongo valley 2 bd, 1 ba fenced yard, nat. gas heat, evaporative cooler . easy commute to palm springs…I also looked at the legal section September 3-5 2015…. public auction to highest bidder for cash (payable at the time of sale in lawful money of the united states) , all right title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said deed of trust in the property situated in said county and state..san Bernardino…notice of sale $169,239.71 usd…

201. marcus anthony bynum - September 12, 2015

while in the mean time I went to santa Barbara and looked at the nation & world news and saw something from the associated press Syrian migrants show their train tickets to Germany and demand being let on the train but keleti train terminal in Budapest, hungary, was closed Tuesday for an indefinite time…

202. marcus anthony bynum - September 12, 2015

permits allow regional desal plant by Mitchell white.. monticeto the California coastal commission has no objection to a regional desalination facility shared by the Montecito water district and the city of santa Barbara… On Monday the Coastal commission sent a letter to the Montecito water district and the city of santa Barbara water commission explaining that the coastal development permits in place for the Charles e. meyer desalination plant allow joint use of the facility , officials said at Tuesday Montecito water district board meeting…

203. marcus anthony bynum - September 12, 2015

also in santa Barbara the financial system have a article in classified on financial controllers wanted , but I think that you would at least need 5 years experience…

204. marcus anthony bynum - October 14, 2015

laboratory detail pt plasma specimen result status : final report: 10/02 / 2015 23:10..test prothrombin time result 11.7 reference range 10.0-12.4 unit sec … international ratio normalized ratio result 1.04 reference range 0.92-1.14. prolonged prothrombin time result may suggest possible liver disease , vitamin k deficiency warfarin therapy… is the wrong result … Another health care did the gastrografin mixed with iodine in contrast solution before x ray… its a negative , but that is unusual to have been gased before the result and cleaned out with contrast two different healthcare units two different lifestyles two different 401k plans.. There is a big question what to do….

205. skin lightening serum - October 24, 2015

Low blood levels of vitamin E double the risk of macular degeneration. By controlling bacteria, dead skin annd sebum production, one can maintain acne-free skin. Elastin maintains the skin’s tension and elasticity.

206. marcus anthony bynum - November 10, 2015

there is no bacteria to control maybe purifying water no bacteria when can you get the chemical compound? Do you know that you can create good blood levels with a chemical compound…

207. marcus anthony bynum - November 10, 2015

I looked at an mcdonalds pdf file and saw that they have a few options for investors, But the investors invest into now a chemical compound….the outcome of the prospectus supplement dated July 17, 2015 …The following terms will generally apply to the medium-term notes that we may sell. From time to time , using this prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus. We will include information on the specific terms for each note in a pricing supplement to this prospectus supplement…Unless otherwise indicated in the applicable pricing supplement , the notes will be offered at a public offering of 100% and the agents discounts or commission…

208. marcus anthony bynum - March 23, 2016

I looked at the foggy bottom current paper and saw a sophisticated lifestyle chevy chase MD, storybook residence meticulously restored & expanded . Impressive open spaces inside & out Gourmet kit , stunning family rm , amazing game rm 5 br , 4,5 ba Terraces , walk to the bethesda metro $1,995,000…As for the events and Entertainment classes and work shops ..The Friends of tenley – friendship library will host a Digital performance…

209. marcus anthony bynum - March 23, 2016

A distinctive style Alington , v.a to the height of luxury in the turnberry tower 1 br , den 1,5 ba upgraded unit with waterside balcony view , top of the line kit & baths . deluxe amenitiesjust 1 blk from metro . pkg included $835,000just talk to john coplen (410-591-0911)

210. marcus anthony bynum - March 23, 2016

Mclean ,v.a $4,995,000 This european style estate on coveted crest lane and is just 16 minutes to the white house….With a distinguished history of owners including prominent statsmen and business leaders . this home has entertained friends , family and dignitaries from around the world…

211. marcus anthony bynum - March 23, 2016

performanses ..The washington improv theater will continue its 10th annual fighting improv Smackdown Tournament , an elimination – style competition with teams competing for audience favor….Also signal technology in place on 144 buses ..With new , Transit signal priority technology , 144 metrobuses will be able to communicate with traffic signal s along seven high -ridership in the reigion . implementation on all of the affected routes is expected by June 30 , according to a release from the washington metropolitan area transit Authority….

212. marcus anthony bynum - March 23, 2016

Reaching underserved communities women business owners Women entrepreneurs are changing the face of americas economy . In the 1970,s women owned less than 5 percent of the nations business , Today , they are majority owners of about a third of the nations small business and are at least equal owners of about half of all small business , sba serves women entrepreneurs nationwide through its various programs and services..

213. marcus anthony bynum - March 23, 2016

Counseling wmado is also a leader in providing counseling and training , in fy14 wmado hosted the most boots to business training sessionsin the country…

214. marcus anthony bynum - November 2, 2016

U.S stock indexes spent the week posting minor gains and minor losses , adding to the conviction that this market has no conviction……Sections of the former stables and began to offer lunches too. As good lunches had never been Northhamptonshires forte , they attracted more vistors .. In 1994 local garden designer asked if he could run a garden school in an adjoining room ..The school flourished for a while , but pasley -tyler realised it would only persist if she could adapt to in the lectures on gardening as people understood it… Now pulte builds base outlook rise … Pultegroup be the next housing stock to break out… The Atlanta based builder which operates in 50 markets across 26 states , has been working on a first stage flat base with 22.50 entry.. KB homes.. D.R horton and M/I homes have also been trying to lay the foundation for a potential new run…..Pultes chart patternhas generally shown alot of tight trading for alot of consistent support on a 10 week moving average … Among homebuilders stock , Pulte ranks No 2 with a composite rating just behind LGI homes and tri point round out to be the top 5…

marcus anthony bynum - November 2, 2016

Minorities and the habsburg empire .. The first suppression was not the overpowering trend . The dual monarchy was defined by great degrees of tolerance from 1875….for example the Austro -Hungarian army employed field rabbis and , from 1882 , field imams .It is at the same time important to know later in eastern europe….Yields on two – year notes , the coupon securities most sensitive to fed policy expectations , held near the highest since june….after a labour department report showed employers added 156,000 job position two months ago against a forecast that the 172,000 bloomburg survey of the economy increased in august then what estimated…..

marcus anthony bynum - November 7, 2016

How exactly does the gorillatrade system works …… The gorillatrade is a state of the art computer software program that has over 6,000 stocks in three major markets each day after the close with 14 different technical indicators that analyzes their risk and probability parameters…..Ruthless acts of creative destruction …Representation and transformation or they say power and sex…In seven decades picasso turned people close to him into a pyramid of broken angels…the big bulging shapes promising pneumatic bliss these are among the scores of still astonishing metamorphoses…. Marie therese walter, three year old child paloma , and a sphinix folded into sheet metal….Top 5 stocks pay dividend a steady dividend stock thats outperforming the market is like getting a bonus a reliable income stream , plus the stock price gain …IBD calculates a company’s dividend stability factor based on how stable the history is over a five year period and have signs of rating the most stable…AT&T offers a dividend of 1.92$ a share for the full year….shouty short sellers stay ahead while the gentlemen suffer… There are people begging in front of Muddy waters office building They say it’s San Francisco but the handouts keep going to the hedge fund source from Carson block , Who founded muddy waters in 2010 It would change the nature of his operation …….

215. marcus anthony bynum - November 7, 2016

qh830273—hlq373439—clk772171—-flh314439—-140506*—-o:11279983—-a.10803029—-AA730173—AA730173—-xn 5066302 —–34357—b.419—- b_16 749304——-24923232—-jc38178662—jc 38178662 a……

bynumforeigncurrency - December 14, 2016

I looked at the investment business daily paper and the financial times it is about the Abbie profits top ibd screen with an average earnings growth rate of 23% in the past 4 quarters , abbvie is an income stock with solid profits… In fact , the pharmaceutical firm 89 EPs rating is the best among 16 stock in Fridays dividend …abbvie pays a quarterly dividend of 57 cents a share.. The stock has been in a long consolidation since it peaked in July 2015….

216. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

producers and advocates… Demand has been growing year over for our show …As part of the lvcva expansion and renovation program it is a 600,000 square foot plan.. begin in 2018 in las vegas For the first time , people who attend ces will be able to merge their attendance .. Once a delegate purchases a monorail will be given to encode that onto the ces badge…..

217. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

Surely , we err we suppose that improvement in our public schools depends upon how long we make the list of qualifications.. for the position …. Clear expectations needed for the viewpoint.. What we probably require is not some new official – how ever qualified , certified , or recommended as particularly likely to be useful…

218. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

The word used by the fair , which runs september 10-18 is renewal , but this does not fully capture some of the more controversial evolutions .. the fair while still called the biennale – will now occur every , instead of two….

219. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

I went to united way and talked to an case worker and she did some research on the colorado enterprise fund… were in Colorado it is a statewide nonprofit community development financial instituition providing loans to small and startup business that is unable to receive bank financing , and provide low or no cost technical assistance to our borrowers to ensures they succeed ….

220. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

For bessel and others , Nolte too often crafted his theories as arguments backed up by rigorous analysis .. For example , one passage of noltes 1986 articles read , Did not the gulag ….A prolific author , he angered scholars in Germany , Israel , the English – speaking world and farther afield…

221. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

Solutions and guidance for your financial goals today , and the life you envision tomorrow…. news from Chase bank… Chase will not authorize purchase that exceed the available balance on your card….Standard overdraft practice : what it is it is no guarantee chase will always pay your overdraft transaction, and if we do not pay your transactions , the transaction will be declined… all sources come from cahse bank…

222. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

now lets get back to getting started with some oil companies on considering a home based business ??.. Ask yourself Can I switch from home responsibilities to business work ?? Do I have the self – discipline to maintain schedules??? Can I deal with the isolation of working from home ??? Am I a self starter….The zoning regulations – If your business operates in violation ofthem , you could be fined or shut down… Product restrictions – certain products cannot be produced in the home source from Oklahoma small business 2009-2010…8 years ago…..

223. marcus anthony bynum - February 17, 2017

Lets look at academy bank … After a decade of expansion , the bank grew by acquiring Army national bank … The move allowed them to offer consumer banking and lending services in addition to real estate loans .. This bold step helped Dickinson financial grow from rural agricultural bank into I guess a full modern day bank today serving the armed forces and the military community …academy bank is so called committed to delivering solution that help our customers achieve financial freedom and peace… Academy bank keep telling everybody the bank is full service and ready to serve you … … Now i think that the government have their work to do in the armed forces , but keeping up with the economy is can full serve a stimulus package .. Maybe an economic recovery stimulus package agreement can reopen some ways when it is hard to get help from the bank … The Obama admin , and part of the bush admin should recover a stimulus for the trump admin too….

224. marcus anthony bynum - June 4, 2017

i Looked at the Bentley collection includes handmade sunglass to golf clubs , fragrances , leather goods furniture is marked under Bentley home…Phish pays tribute to David Bowie in halloween bash ..This veteran jam band delivered a stunning remembrance of david bowie by performing The rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars…Constantly connect .. Interacting with employees and customers on a regular basis is the key to success , Goldstein says.. Authentic communication at all levels and the encouragement of feedback is how you find out what’s really going on…

225. marcus anthony bynum - September 17, 2017

whats going on in today’s news…

226. marcus anthony bynum - September 17, 2017

I seen some virtualized network to isolate infected host using cloud computing capacity to run algorithms to detect malware , Pritchard said in a september report ..Gartner analysts lawrence pingree says cloud – based services usually offer a discount …. Cloud based malware sandbox have been introduced by many firewall providers … Snapchat , the smart phone also offers social network which allows users to send temporary photos and videos to one another….Now you can check out the articles from monticeto news and find out that there were people bringing help on the way they love to put the letter to an insights that comes from northern virginia an area notorious for traffic problems .Around six years ago

227. marcus anthony bynum - September 17, 2017

Go in mcdonalds and look at the daily sheets that comes with a order of food and find out what they write on the everyday business such as worldly word scramble scan the globe . then unscramble the continent names and write them on the lines below it … journey the world with wonder and laughter .. Once you land home , continue the fun and games when you download the free mcplay app…

228. marcus anthony bynum - October 25, 2017

I looked at the wiki on the family of donald trump and found that there are some good things than rather here about the protest towards the inarguration.. The Trump family of the united states are broader originating from Germany there current reigon is Manhattan , New york city… If there is some financial education about the new president there maybe multiple comment threads about it….

229. Marcus Bynum - March 7, 2019

I got some more information about small business success …Will talk about it soon…

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