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Church and Money December 3, 2007

Posted by pf in Expenses and Savings.
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This past week, I received a stack of envelopes from our local church.  This church is not just a random one, but where we have baptised all of our children.  However, aside from that, we don’t regularly attend (another topic entirely). 

Now, while I am all for giving, I have a real challenge with the way in which this particular church (although I actually think this is a common practice, I don’t want to over-generalize since I don’t really know enough about it) goes about it. 

In particular, I notice how the envelopes are coded so they can be tracked.  Granted, there may be a legitimate administrative purpose here, but generally, my perception is that they are used to monitor who, what, and when someone has given.   I hate the idea of my giving being monitored and / or potentially targeted for other initiatives, drives or calls for stewardship that may come along. 

Unfortunately, I think my distaste for the envelopes are symptomatic of a larger dissatisfaction with how the organized church is run with large sums spent for churches (albeit very nice ones), covering up or mismanagement of serious issues, as well as some of the subtle pressure tactics used to increase funding of the church. 

For myself, I will continue to give as directly as possible – either monetarily or of myself versus through the “middle man” of the organized church.