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Convenience Checks January 8, 2008

Posted by pf in Expenses and Savings.
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Quite often, I won’t go through any recent mail until the end of the week.  For items that are certain to be solicitations, it might be a month or more before I even bother.  Typically, I will retire to my “library” with a sizable stack and go through each one with almost everything finding its way to the “round file”.

This week, I had quite a few offers from my existing credit card accounts to use their convenience checks so I might access some quick cash…up to my allowable limit, of course.  Generally speaking, I have no problem with financial institutions offering various tools such as these convenience checks so that I might have more options available to me as far as managing my finances.  I know some people feel differently, but I don’t think it’s their job to save me from myself and make sure that I don’t behave irresponsibly with my money.  My primary expectation is that they clearly outline the terms and conditions of whatever is being offered and don’t make to search too hard to figure it out.