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Net Worth – March 2008 March 30, 2008

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One year ago, I posted my very first net worth update. At that time, my net worth was $515,583. As I post the update for this month, I am currently at $577,487. In that time period, I have improved my net worth by just over 12%. While not a “lights out” gain, I think it’s very solid and would count myself very fortunate if I were able to sustain it throughout my lifetime.

As I look at the past year, I noticed that I increased my assets by about 8%, while barely showing any progress on reducing my overall liabilities in terms absolute dollars ($244,634 in 2007 vs. 244,009 in 2008). I would like to see this a bit higher, but would not expect huge gains as:

  • Almost 95% of my overall liability is mortgage debt and will only be drawn down gradually over the course of a year (I’m not trying to accelerate the payoff)
  • I do participate in some credit arbitrage (have significantly increased my credit card balance versus a year ago)

However, the ratio of my debt to assets has been reduced by 2% (32% to 30%). This is a difference of about $16,500 (ie – I would have that much more debt if I maintained the same ratio as in 2007). All in all, I think I’m moving in the right direction. Of course, the last year is just a small data point in time.

Anyway, let’s get to this month’s update. As you can see, we had a nice little gain in March. As I mentioned in the February update, this was somewhat expected as tax returns, work bonus, and tax rebates start making their appearance in the results. Otherwise, March was a fairly quiet month. Here’s the breakdown:


2 Mo Ago
Jan – 07
Last Month Feb – 08 This Month Mar – 08 Monthly Change Monthly Change %
Cash 132,594 130,899 152,888 21,989 16.80%
401(k)/IRAs 240,864 248,376 248,608 232 0.09%
Home 290,000 290,000 290,000 0 0.00%
Other Real Estate 130,000 130,000 130,000 0 0.00%
Total Assets 793,458 799,275 821,496 22,221 2.78%
Home Mortgage 125,200 124,439 123,675 -(764) -0.61%
Other Mortgage 107,656 107,373 107,054 -(319) -0.30%
Credit Card 4,990 11,431 13,280 (1,849) 16.18%
Other 0 0 0 0 0.00%
Total Liabilities 237,846 243,243 244,009 (766) 0.31%
NET WORTH 555,612 556,032 577,487 21,455 3.86%


  • Fed continued to cut rates. I already made preparations for such events a few months ago and have a large stake of cash sitting in CDs making 5+%
  • Tax refund, work bonus, and tax rebate starting to show up – welcome boost to net worth
  • Stock market volatility continues
  • Made a 2008 Roth IRA contribution of $2500
  • Credit card arbitrage in full swing – balances going up


  • Hold the line on expenses
  • Stream line payment of expenses (too much moving around of funds and inadvertently getting hit with some late fees)
  • Spring finally arrives?


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