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Barack Obama: Yes We Can Music Video February 7, 2008

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Last month (just after the Iowa caucuses), I wrote a short bit about the 2008 election and encouraged everyone to vote. Since then, I have continued to watch with great interest as we look to elect the next President of our country. Also, of course, I voted during my own state’s primary.

Today, I read about a new Barack Obama video that was developed by will.i.am from the Blackeyed Peas. Generally, my intent for this blog is to focus on personal finance topics and keep politics on the sidelines, but encourage everyone to vote for their candidate of choice. As of now, I don’t really plan to alter my approach there. However, upon watching this video, I found myself being filled up with strong emotions about our country and our opportunity to steer ourselves in a new direction.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying here. I am not making a “vote for Barack” statement. Rather, my intention is to share some of my thoughts with the hope of influencing someone to vote for their candidate…whomever that may be. You have to understand that over these last years, I have become extremely discouraged by how our country has both changed and not changed. For example (all my own opinion):

  • Our standing in the world has changed…and largely not in a positive way
  • Our propensity to increase our debt burden has continued unabated (trillions more)
  • Corruption is still alive and well
  • We no longer hold the moral high ground on democracy (ex: guantanamo bay, etc)
  • The divide between rich and poor grows
  • >25% of students drop out of high school
  • Our credibility is largely lost (call to war in Iraq, drumbeats on Iran)
  • Transparency and accountability of our government has diminished

You may also recall my post about the Comptroller General and his warning of the “Fiscal Tsunami”. Our country has some very serious problem now and in the future, and although every election is important…this one feels even more so. As a result, the enthusiasm about this election and the swelling involvement of voters from all walks of life have given me a renewed optimism about the possibility of altering the future of our country for the better. To that extent, the Barack Obama video has helped to magnify my enthusiasm on the premise that anything is possible…and that people still care what happens and are perhaps able to think beyond not only their own lives, but also others…both our countrymen and also the greater world we live in.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not naive enough to think that miracles will happen or that we can change this course in a few years or even within a decade. Nor do I consider myself a “dreamer” as such. However, I am currently more encouraged about our potential future than anytime I can remember.

It is my sincerest wish that you might also share both some of the enthusiasm and quite serious responsibility (and privilege) of understanding the choices we have amongst the various candidates and VOTE.



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3. mlif - February 9, 2008

Jeez, allow yourself a little buoyancy! Barack Obam is amazing and a grassroots organizer and policy maker. I know–I voted for him for Illinois Senate after much scrutiny. But the level of cynicism, understandably, in this country is so deep, so apparent when people are so afraid to say they are moved by this video, by Senator Obama’s destiny, and by the change that is taking place across the country.

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5. marcus anthony bynum - April 3, 2012

american oil engineers were shocked by the poor state of iraq energy infrastructure after 40 years of neglect. two offshore terminals are already under construction if successful the project will boost the country’s oil production from the current 2.5 million barrels a day to 12 million b/d by 2016.

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