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2008 Election January 8, 2008

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Last week, we completed the Iowa caucuses which saw record voter turnout and created very early momentum for some candidates while leaving others scrambling.  Today, the New Hampshire primary is being held and with about 6 hours still remaining, we are already reading about various townships asking for additional ballots out of concern they might run out.

Like everyone, I have my own opinions about who I would like to see elected as the nominees for the presidential election and I always enjoy the discourse among those who may not necessarily share the same views as I do.  However, I do hope there is a consensus of excitement about this election.  For the first time in a long while (1992?), I get the sense there is some “electricity” in the air and that people really want to engage in the process and have their vote counted…whatever their motivation.

Obviously, every presidential election is important as it has significant impact upon our country and the rest of the world.  In most cases, the true significance is not understood until much later, after the election itself (our current administration for example) and the impact can have a lasting effect well after the president has departed office (numerous examples).

Please be sure to get out there and vote.



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