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Financial Fairy December 1, 2007

Posted by pf in Expenses and Savings.

My oldest daughter lost her very first tooth.  Of course, I assumed we would be putting some monetary tidbit under the pillow.  As I recall, I used to get .25 cents…so I was thinking inflation probably made it $1 now.

Well, apparently I’m behind the times.  My wife, who is always looking for ways to make events like these more “eventful”, had other plans.  In the end, my daughter ended up with a shirt (suspect one from the Christmas pile) and $2.  What a good deal.  I asked my daughter what she would be doing with her money.  She indicated that she will just be keeping it in her room for now…until she thinks of something to buy.  After all, she has “lots of dollar bills”.  Heh.

On a personal note, after the tooth came out, my daughter gave it to me to hold while she was washing some of the blood out of her mouth.  I inspected it and remembered what it used to feel like to lose a tooth.  How you would put your tongue under it while it was loose and feel its edges or when it finally came out and you kept putting your tongue in the hole that it left.  More importantly, however, I thought about how this event also signified another small milestone in my life as well….my first lost tooth…as a Dad.

For those of you who have children, you know what I’m feeling / talking about.  For those of you who don’t, you CAN’T know…but I’m excited for the day when you will. 



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