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Frugality: Garage Sale May 22, 2007

Posted by pf in Frugality.

As part of our preparations for the purchase of a new home, we recently had a garage sale.  Of course, I am no stranger to the garage sale as my wife seems to have one at least twice a year it seems.  Generally, I don’t have a problem with it, except when “her” sale becomes MY work… “could you please bring up those boxes from the basement?” or “I need you to clean out the garage to make room for the tables”.  

What gets me more than anything is when our garage sale becomes a community event where her mom and friends are bringing their stuff as well to create the “mega garage sale”.   The annoying part of this is that once the garage sale is over, my garage then becomes a storage warehouse for the unsold goods from these other people!  Why the heck do I want to have someone else’s grandma’s old punch bowl stored in my house!???

                                              Net Worth – May 2007  

Anyway, I digress.  Other than these annoyances, I don’t really see a downside to the garage sale as it has many benefits:

  • You get $$ for the junk you aren’t using anyway (quit pretending you will start using the treadmill for anything other than a clothes hanger)
  • You remove clutter from your house (a cleaner house with less clutter can even feel better than the money)
  • If you like the “art of the deal”, bartering at the garage sale is fun
  • Your kids can rake it in by selling cookies, hot dogs and drinks.  Not to mention a good opportunity to teach them something about running a “business”.
  • Believe or not, there are also some hot mommies out there hitting the garage sales.  I mean, it you’re into that kind of stuff…again, I digress.
  • If it’s a neighborhood garage sale, it’s a great way to spend some time with your neighbors since everyone is sitting in their garages all day.  Also, you may even find something to buy! (ok, maybe there is a downside)

Anyway, if you are looking to clean up and make some extra $$ while doing it, a garage sale is a great way to do it.  Even if you don’t have a house, don’t fret, there’s always some sucker out there who will help sell your stuff….and store what doesn’t sell for free.  Trust me, I know.



1. charles - May 29, 2007

What we do is just take our unused things in the garage and donate them to the salvation army or Goodwill. Then just itemize this in your tax form.

Less hassle and you get to enjoy your weekend doing stuff you enjoy.

2. Michelle Wong - February 20, 2008

Thanks for the great information. Just recently i found a 35 year old maple table at a yard sale for only $11! What a steal huh?Here is a great website i found on redoing cabinets

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