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What Does Your Blog Voice Sound Like? May 4, 2007

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No doubt all of us have listened to a recording of our voice and wondered “Is that really my voice?”  “Is that what people hear?”.  In some cases, it might be embarrassing (I hate that voice!) or you might even like it better (that’s a sexy voice!). 

Similarly, I have wondered what my blog “voice” is like and whether or not it sounds like me or some version that I don’t recognize (like hearing a recording of my real voice).  Does it accurately reflect my personality?  How I engage people in conversation?  Perhaps my “voice” is still developing?  I guess this wouldn’t be unlike your real voice which matures over time…both in tone and in conversational style.

 Also, do I have a different “voice” when discussing personal finance than I would if discussing something like sports?  Well, while I can’t really assess my own “voice”, I thought I would share some thoughts about what I think about the “voice” of other personal finance bloggers I read frequently.  In particular, I’m curious if my perceptions match how they perceive themselves or if they are different. Similarly, are my views the same as others who also read their blogs? 

Anyway, below are some tidbits about what I think each blogger’s “voice” sounds like to me, the personality it creates in my mind, etc. (in no particular order):

Well- Heeled: 20 something life & money: perky, fun, young, not a lot of experience, but can definitely think for herself, willingly accepts advice from others, non-threatening, easy to talk to, emits a contagious enthusiasm.  Wellheeled always sounds light and fun to me.

Get Rich Slowly: middle-aged, knowledge through experience, educating, helping, tolerant, informative, personal.  J.D. reminds me a bit like a big brother who doesn’t scold you for being dumb about your personal finances but rather provides information and shares his own personal experiences to help you get back on track.  You can always confide in big brother J.D..

Lazy Man and Money: confident, tells you like it is, likes a scrum / debate, knows where he’s going, thinking, willing to go against the grain.  Lazy always strikes me as someone who will gladly provide information / content to help you, but with an attitude of “it’s your own damn fault if you don’t follow it, dummy”.  

PF Blog: analyzer, creative, driven, thought-provoker, straightforward, doesn’t want to offend, but will defend his ideas, studious, easy-going but has focus. PF always gives me the sense he is a step ahead and that while he’s glad to share what’s going on, you need to be able to keep up because he’s not slowing down for you. 

I’m sure if I pursued this further, I could come up with standard categories to describe a given type of voice (ex: thinker, expert, mother, terminator, etc), but I honestly think I am too lazy for that. 

Anyway, let me know if you think the voice I hear is the same as the one you do.  Similarly, maybe we’ll get some feedback from the blogger’s themselves telling us “that’s not me!” or “dude, I like that voice better than the real me!”.  Also, I’ll maintain a thick skin if you tell me how you think my “voice” sounds.

I recognize this is not really “on topic” as far as personal finance goes, but I thought it might be a fun diversion versus the daily “how to save your ass from eating cat food in your old age” post.



1. Re: money - May 4, 2007

I was also wondering about how I come across in my blog. I don’t think what I write in it is a complete reflection of who I am in real life, but with time, for sure, a certain persona will emerge out of the writing.

And I haven’t figure out yours yet 🙂

2. What does my blog voice sound like? « Well-Heeled: 20something life & money - May 4, 2007

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