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Taxes – The Dreaded…Refund? March 24, 2007

Posted by pf in Taxes.

Some years ago I hired a CPA to do my taxes for me because my wife had gotten into a side-business which required us to file a Schedule C.  At the time, the rate was very reasonable and the person came recommended from a friend.

Since then, it seems that every year there is a little “twist” with our tax returns where I feel they should be handled by a professional.  As you might expect, each year the cost for these services tended to go up as a result.  The challenging part for me is that I never seemed to know what the cost was actually going to be until the return was finished.  Last year was particularly high and I figured I must be reaching some sort of “limit” for a person of my income.  However, not to be outdone, I just received this year’s return with a tidy invoice for over $300.00 *gasp!*

After my initial shock and anger, I became a bit more rational and considered that there were indeed a few one time items on my return that may have been a bit tricky to figure out…but geesh!   Of course, I called my preparer and in a very joking way poked about this large bill I had received that is no doubt financing tropical vacations and what not. 

 Of course, my preparer is no stranger to these tactics and proceeded to give me jibes about my very thick return and odd-ball forms that had to be filled out.  I also mentioned that at these prices, I might have to start up a tax business myself.  I was told that if I could do it cheaper, they would sub-contract out their work to me.  Although it doesn’t translate well in this post, I have known this person for a number of years now and it was all done in the friendly / sarcastic tone we sometimes take with our friends.  You know, making sure they know you aren’t very happy…but not in a way that might damage the relationship. 

Anyway, I will be sending in my payment for services rendered and likely will be using them again next year.  However, when I go, I’m going to wear a Hawaiian shirt and tell them they gave it to me after they did my 2006 taxes…gotta get that last little “dig” in there. 



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