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Portfolio Allocation – Update March 23, 2007

Posted by pf in Portfolio Allocation.

I have started shifting my portfolio to get to my target allocation.  I’ve added about 7% to my small-cap position (PRSVX) and approximately 3% to mid-cap (TRMCX).  I accomplished this by reducing my allocation in large caps by the same amounts (7% -PRGFX and 3% PRFDX).

I will continue to make consistent investments in my capital allocation fund (PRWCX) to increase my position there.  I was very tempted to reduce my equity position in international funds due to the volatility and good run over the last couple of years.  However, I do really believe them for the long term, so will just stay put. 

Looking at the allocation targets I set for myself when conducting my Portfolio Analysis – Part 2, I’m almost there:

Category Current Proposed Change
Bonds 8.62% 10.00% 1.38%
Small-Cap Growth / Value 3.91% 10.00% 6.09%
Mid-Cap Growth / Value 5.52% 10.00% 4.48%
Large-Cap Growth / Value 45.41% 34.75% -10.66%
Large-Cap Capital Allocation (PRWCX) 8.39% 10.00% 1.61%
International 27.59% 25.00% -2.59%
Individual Stock (PRU) 0.55% 0.25% -0.30%
Total 99.99% 100.00%

Small-Cap Growth / Value – a bit over 10%
Mid-Cap Growth / Value – a bit under 10%
Large Cap Growth / Value – about 35% or so

In my net worth update, I’ll provide an updated view on how all the assets in my portfolio are allocated.



1. kabababrubarta - March 27, 2007

Nice design! kabababrubarta

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