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Portfolio Inventory March 11, 2007

Posted by pf in Portfolio Allocation.

As I mentioned in my 2007 goals, the recent gyrations in the market have got me thinking about the construction of my investments.  Below is an inventory of my current investments with the default view I use when looking at them:

Ticker Current Price($) SharesHeld MarketValue($) Weight(%) Total ReturnYTD(%)
DODGX 154.14 128.71 19840 9.22 0.44
PIEQX 14.75 2738.98 40400 18.78 0.89
PREMX 13.85 483.17 6692 3.11 1.36
PRFDX 29.54 1122.07 33146 15.41 -0.03
PRGFX 31.48 1419.95 44700 20.78 -0.47
PRHYX 7.11 1666.51 11849 5.51 2.36
PRMSX 31.49 601.69 18947 8.81 -2.84
PRSVX 42.03 199.93 8403 3.91 1.99
PRU 90.31 13 1174 0.55 5.18
PRWCX 20.75 869.85 18049 8.39 0.63
RPMGX 54.86 0.88 48 0.02 2.18
TRMCX 25.96 455.64 11828 5.5 2.12
215077 100 .30

In addition, I also have about $115K in cash, the majority (~$109K) of which is in GE Interest Plus, and the remaining ($6K) in my checking account which is only used as a temporary holding account to pay bills (I transfer money from GE Interest Plus to checking and then pay the bills online) . 

The reason for such a large cash position is that we are saving for a potential home purchase and I don’t want to mess with it too much.  Interestingly, my perception is that GE Interest Plus is not very well known / publicized.  A friend of mine made me aware of it some years ago and although I have definitely looked, I have not found anything to be consistently better.  Of course, it’s not exactly a “guarantee” as it is not FDIC insured and the funds are essentially financing GE debt.  However, I am comfortable with the level of risk (GE defaults) given the returns.  Here are the current rates as of today:

Current Rates
Investment Amount     Rate     Yield  
Less than $15,000 4.80% 4.91%
$15,000 to $49,999 5.05% 5.17%
$50,000 and more 5.30% 5.43%

I’d be interested if anyone has found better for the same level of risk?  Similarly, does anyone think this is not a good risk / reward trade-off?  I have had an account for many years now. 

 In total, I have about $320K in liquid assets.  In my next post, I’ll start assessing whether or not my portfolio is put together in a way that is consistent with my risk tolerance and meeting my goals.  For the most part, I’ll be focusing on the equities portion as I don’t anticipate trying to further “juice” my returns on the cash…unless someone has a great idea how I can do so with minimal / no risk.



1. lobby - March 21, 2007

Not quite as good, but Countrywide is at 5.40% APY for 50k+


2. pf - March 21, 2007

Thanks for sharing! Do you currently have one of these accounts? Although just a tad less…perhaps worth the additional security of being FDIC insured. Something I’ll definitely have to look into. Thanks again.

3. lobby - March 23, 2007

Yes, I’ve had an account since mid last year. I’ve been very happy with them. No problems at all.

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