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2007 Goals March 7, 2007

Posted by pf in Goals.

Now that I have that big nugget of $2M on my head, I’ll need to drill it down into actionable plans to get there.  I think I’ll start with some high level objectives for 2007, and then drill down to more specifics as we move along:

Continued Growth of our Portfolio while Managing Risk

Of course, this is a given.  However, our portfolio does have some more aggressive holdings in it and although I have made some changes recently, the recent stock market losses has me considering whether or not I really have the best mix for my risk appetite.  I had considered also creating a return target for our portfolio.  Obviously, I want to get the best return possible and I’m not sure that any target would change how I invest for 2007 (ie – if it’s not getting what I want, I’m not sure I’m going to change all my investments to try and get there).  Generally speaking, my overall goal is to arrange a long term portfolio that will better than the S&P 500 – in both up and down markets.  

Increase Net Worth 

This goes hand in hand with the first objective, but am also want to put more focus on the expense side of the equation.  From time to time, I conduct a high level review of our expenses to get a handle on where everything is going, but it’s probably also time to review my “vendors” (insurance, gas, phone, cable, etc) and see if I’m getting the most value for the money.  Essentially, I want to optimize our financial the money that is both coming and going out the door.



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